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So British Airways cabin crew have announced the strike action to be taken as part of its attempt to resolve a row over cost-cutting measures. They will take place for 3 days from 26th March and for 4 days from 26th March. BA are putting a brave face on things saying they will operate as many flights as possible, but assuming the strike does go ahead, there will be disruption and insurers will have work to to.

The insurance situation is pretty simple, if you took your World First policy out before today (12th March), you'll be covered if your flight is cancelled or disrupted. If you haven't yet got one, new policies will not cover what is called "Travel Delay" and "Abandonment" - cancelled or delayed flights. All other clauses will of course apply.

What about BA? BA says it will inform affected customers by email or text if their flight has been disrupted. For now, if your flight is scheduled to depart between 19th March and 31st March you will be able to rebook another flight to the same destination within 355 days of the date of travel or cancel the booking and get a refund. Unfortunately, any other costs like hotels, onward flights or car bookings will not be covered.

Now the optimistic bit. The strikes may well not happen, we all know the kind of posturing that goes on in these situations. BA took legal action to avoid the strike before Christmas and all the preparations and concern were for nothing.  BA have made a first formal proposal in response to which the union has said it will hold an electronic ballot of its 12,000 cabin crew members with no recommendation as to whether or not to accept it. There's hope yet.

Stop press: BA have withdrawn the offer, that's the end of that then

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