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What is it you look for in a travel insurance company?

travel insurance

We all expect different things from life. It’s part of what makes our society so rich. But what about when it comes to making important buying decisions, like buying your travel insurance? We all need it but how do we choose? Not all companies are the same. Some offer specialist cover while others won’t even consider covering people with even the most minor of medical conditions.

What do you expect from your travel insurance provider? How would, say, a good customer service experience favour compared to a low price? How would you choose then? What’s important to you?

For some of our customers it’s customer service that’s important. They like to speak with a real person on the phone. That’s understandable. Other customers look for low prices. That’s perfectly understandable too. We can offer good prices because we use the Protectif medical screening system, which is detailed and comprehensive and enables us to assess risks properly. Some people look for the ability to cover medical conditions after their usual insurer turns them down for cover. We find that a lot.

Anyway, whatever you come to us for, the truth is that we all expect and want different things. As a company we try to do our best to keep all our customers happy, but there’s only so much we can tell you. So we thought we should let some of your fellow customers do the talking. The following are genuine Trustpilot reviews about the way we do business. They were all posted in the last week.

If you want to read more, you can read them all here.

The truth

As an older couple we will never go with anybody else again. A wonderful company. And when on holiday we told every older people who we met to contact you for Insurance. Thank you so much, we can now enjoy a few more holidays at our age. My cousin told me and my husband about how good you were. I should have listened as we were ripped off as oldies. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart xx

Excellent cover

Having being diagnosed with a chronic illness some time ago, and after several one-off policies to cover the possibility of treatment while abroad, I was advised to speak with World First. The annual policy offered was everything I required and it has been renewed many times since inception several years ago.

Very happy new customer

It was very nice to be able to talk to a real person as though they actually cared.
I was sold a policy which exactly fitted my needs. Thank you.

Fantastic for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

This is the fourth time I have bought travel insurance from World First Travel competitively priced and wonderful with both myself and my sons pre-existing conditions.

On Holiday!

We have struggled to find good cover for our trip to Vietnam, since my wife was diagnosed with Myeloma 4 months ago. However, we applied to World First on recommendation of The Myeloma Group and after very diligent medical screening we were very pleased to have been offered cover at a very reasonable premium. We do not anticipate having to make a claim, but it is re-assuring and puts our minds at rest should there be unforeseen problems. Thank you!

Surprised costing

After getting a lot of expensive quotes because of my wife's heart attack I was starting to give up but I was recommended World First by Chase Templeton. I did an online quote but was told I needed to ring them for further screening. They did a more thorough screening than anyone else and I was expecting the pounds to increase with each question but it turned out the opposite. The quote was way less than anyone else so after reviewing the policy I rang them back and bought it. Certainly try them again.

Very easy to set up and a very competitive price

Each page was easy to follow and the policy was just what I wanted at the right price, especially having pre-existing medical conditions.

Great deal

I wanted travel insurance at a reasonable price and that's what I got. A friend of mine looked online for me, she also rang them and she said they were very obliging and friendly. Thank you.

Very impressed

Very impressed with the service I received, because I thought the representative took time to assess the risk I presented and didn't hear the condition and assume the worst. I would and have recommended others to contact World First for a quote and will do so again.

Great for those with medical conditions

Much more intelligent questions than any other travel insurance company meant that my premium for an annual policy, even though I have leukaemia, was less than £200. I had been quoted as much as £1200 for a 2 week holiday. It was a relief to find World First who were recommended by MacMillan and it meant I could go on holiday with my daughter when my treatment ended. I have no experience of making a claim.

Over 75

It’s hard to find a company that will insure the over 75's. World First don’t seem to have a problem with it. Have used them before and have done so again with confidence


After trying to get insurance with various Insurance companies due to my husband having cancer we finally found World First Travel Insurance. They insured him at a very reasonable price, Thank you!!!

Excellent service!

Excellent service and cover for ongoing conditions. Helpful telephone contacts. We have already passed on World First Travel to our neighbours who have since taken out travel insurance with you themselves after having difficulty with other companies.

No problems even with medical conditions

Found the quotation process very easy to complete. Listed our medical conditions and received an immediate quote. Very pleased with the premium. We were able to purchase an annual, worldwide policy which included cruise cover for a small extra cost.
Would definately use again.

A name and extension number of an individual I can contact is most reassuring

The above is what all service providers should be giving their customers. Well done WFTI.


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