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The best from the world of travel blogs and blogging

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.


The World First Wander: the best from the world of travel blogs and blogging

It’s been another great week in travel and travel writing and it’s been more difficult than ever to narrow down our favourites. We start this week’s adventure with the weekend. They fly by don’t they? I bet you’re sitting at your desk now thinking “where did that go?” Am I right?

So we might need a bit of help to make our weekends last that little bit longer. But where to start? Let’s go over to Life Hacker then, with this post on 10 ways to make your weekends last longer.

What to do with your weekend time?

There are a hardy few of the team here who can often be found out in the wilds of a weekend. MD Martin is one of them with regular trips to his beloved Woodbury Common. Personally I like to head to Dartmoor, so I loved this next post about backpacking in beautiful Belstone. Have a read of Dartmoor Tramping (part One).

Getting down and dirty

 travel blogs and blogging

This next blog is interesting because it not only ties in nicely with being on Dartmoor (see above) and coming home filthy covered in mud, but also resonates with the parents in the office. We often end up discussing how dirty our children got this past weekend and what mischief they got up to !

It’s not travel related but it’s a topic that is close to our hearts. If we instil a sense of adventure in our children then, who knows, they may turn out to be the great adventurers of tomorrow. Have a read of Dirt is good and then take the kids outside and have a roll round in the mud.

Taking the adventure a bit further…

Quite a bit further actually, with some long distance backpacking and hiking along the UK’s longest trails. It’s something we know many of you love to do as we get lots of enquiries about backpacking travel insurance from all types of walkers, hikers and backpackers. So if you are thinking of walking that bit further next time, this next post may keep you motivated. It’s from The Next Challenge blog – Could you walk the length of every national trail in the UK ?

For those who prefer pedal power

the best from the world of travel blogs and blogging

If all this walking is not your cup of tea then maybe you’ll prefer two wheels. And that’s what our next blog is about… sort of. It’s all about staying on two wheels while on a two wheeled touring holiday. After all, disasters like running out of tea can and do happen…  If you are thinking of a cycling holiday or tour this year then you will want a repair kit with all the right tools and the next post, an in depth post from Tom Allen, has it all. The Ultimate Fix-anything Cycle touring toolkit.

If you like your adventure served cold

The first thing that caught our eye about this post was the statement “My current employer just sent me to Norway to chase the northern lights”, so, in the vague hope that our boss will do the same, we are including this next post from Love Life Go Travel. It’s not the only reason. We loved the way it is written and made us smile and, for us that’s what travel is all about. From dried haddock crisps before a date to tying up a Viking with gaffer tape, it sounds like an amazing trip (note to Boss, I am happy to go on a trip like this in the name of work).

Have a read of an arctic adventure in Norway.

Really getting away from it all

The World First Wander: the best from the world of travel blogs and blogging

While technology is a wonder of the modern age, helping us to stay connected with friends family and loved ones, it can also be a curse. Sometimes it seems we have become so reliant on technology that we can’t just actually look at a view and enjoy it. No, we have to take a selfie and share it with everyone we know!

Does that trouble you? Read this from camping with style. How to have a tech free family camping holiday.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully there has been something here to get you inspired to go on an adventure and maybe even do it tech free, or maybe go out and tie up a Viking with gaffer tape.

Until next week.


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