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The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs and blogging

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.

It’s been another great week in travel and travel writing and, as always, it’s been hard to decide which travel blogs to include. This week we have worked hard to find something for everybody. So whether you are young or not-so-young, a seasoned traveller or a first time backpacker, read on!

travel blogs and blogging

We start off this week looking at a great blog post from Vicky Flip Flop on how she has afforded to travel over the years. Travel costs so it’s good to get some ideas on how to raise funds for that epic journey. Vicky is someone who has worked hard over the years so she deserves the title of ‘our go to person’ this week. Read How I’ve afforded travel.

Finding that elusive travel – work – life balance

The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs and blogging

Do you struggle to get that work life balance right? Many of us find it’s an ongoing battle that will continue as long as we continue to travel. So it’s refreshing to hear from someone who feels like they got it sorted. Success ! I found my travel-work-life balance (for now).

Now we have money and balance let’s head to…….

The World First Wander

In fact let’s stay in the UK for a while. Our first stop is London our capital. Compared to a weekend trip to Venice or Spain London might not seem that exotic, but for us in the South West it’s a popular weekend destination because it’s got everything: shopping, museums, galleries, tourist spots, markets and a heady mix of cultures. But if the prospect makes you feel daunted, read How to plan the perfect weekend in London from The Travel Hack.


As the London Kiwi, Emma the writer of our next blog post says, Winchester is just an hour away from London and is well worthy of a visit whatever the weather. However when Emma went it was raining…. So it’s all about visiting Winchester in the rain. Even so it’s a great place to go. 10 Reasons you should visit Winchester in the rain.

Heading North

We visit Edinburgh next on our whistle stop tour of the UK!  The aptly named travels with kilt gives us the lowdown on Scotland’s capital on a budget in this next post Edinburgh on a budget – finding value in the capital.

Everybody needs an escape plan

the best of this week's travel blogs

If you live in London (or anywhere for that matter) the chances are you are planning an escape at some point during the summer months. What better place to escape to than Rio de Janeiro, especially whilst the Olympics are on. That’s exactly what The Little Backpacker is planning on doing this summer in this next post, Escaping London.

It’s all in the planning

When it comes to planning a holiday the devil is in the detail - as they say - so it’s always good to see how other travellers go about planning their trips. One travel blogger planning a trip to uncharted territory (for her) is My Travel Monkey, who is soon to be heading off to Burgundy in France. For tips on what to do and what to pack check out Planning our family road trip to Burgundy France.

Planning for a trip to Disney

Planning for a trip to Disney

Disney is a perennial favourite among young families. Shushana, one of the World First team, was lucky enough to go as a child and said “Disney was my ultimate fairy-tale dream; it was everything that encapsulated being a child for me. I felt like I was part of a World that was made just for me, especially for me and nothing else will and can ever give me the feeling of absolute glitter that Disney does!”

You definitely need to plan though, and as Mini Travellers say, “wing it at your peril”, so if you are thinking of a trip to Disney this is the perfect post:  Disney with kids.

2nd one from the Travel Hack this week

While on the subject of family travel, it could be a good time to talk about tips on how to travel with a baby. For some it will be essential reading, especially for a few of us new parents here at World First. So we hand it back to the Travel Hack again to hear how she’s been getting on with young George. All her newly found knowledge is here in The best travel hacks for travelling with a baby.

Staying in a villa this summer?

Staying in a villa this summer?

What’s not to love about a Villa holiday? Pool, a sun lounger all your own, and the freedom to come and go as you please. But it doesn’t always go to plan. After getting scammed the writer of our next blog post has a list of essentials to stick to in order to avoid the same thing happening again. Take a look at My family villa holiday essentials from Mummy travels and make note!

For when the sun puts it hat on

For when the sun puts it hat on

Long gone are the days of smearing yourself in baby oil and heading out into the sun until you are baked. We have written about practicing “Safe Sun” here on the blog a few times before and it’s really important. So, for those who are slip slop happy and aren’t always taking the time to do it properly, here’s Jenography with 10 Places you’re forgetting to put sunscreen.

That's it for this week. Until next time!

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