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Holiday reading and planning: where to find the very best wild swims in Spain.

Holiday reading and planning: where to find the very best wild swims in Spain.

Many millions of us will head to Spain again this year for a holiday of fun in the sun. It’s a well-worn path. And there’s a good reason for that. Spain is hot, fun and offers a great deal besides the Costas. It is a country of great contrasts, of mountains and rivers, lakes and streams. And, if you know where to look, lots of wild and beautiful places.

So if you like the sound of finding a little of the other side of Spain, then we have some essential summer reading for you in this, the first of a series of blogs about books to take with you on your hols. The book we are talking about is WILD SWIMMING SPAIN. It is a wonderful book full of colour, great writing and inspirational photographs. It’s a great one to flick through before you go to get in the holiday mood. It will also prove invaluable once you get there. And if you let it guide you it could well take you to some truly remarkable, off the beaten track places.

If it doesn’t get your heart racing with the possibilities of seeing some new locations and doing some great outdoor swimming, nothing will.

The wild swimming thing…

The wild swimming thing… a photo of people wild swimming in spain

Wild swimming (which used to be called just swimming but now refers to any kind of swimming outside of swimming pools) has become a bit of a thing in recent years. Thanks to authors like Daniel Start, the publisher and author of Wild Swimming, people are diving in to rock pools, lakes, rivers and streams to get wet and have some serious fun. As an activity swimming is about as good for you as it gets because it’s great aerobic exercise and it’s non-impact, which means it won’t kill your knees like running can. And of course it’s fun.  What better way to spend a sunny day on your holidays than to walk to a swimming spot, take a picnic and laze in the sun? It’s like an elysian vision of what it means to be free. Just imagine doing that by a gently flowing river in Spain!

Spain, of course, is full of great places to swim and the Wild Swimming Spain book will guide you right to the very best of them. There are more than 150 wild swimming spots dotted around the whole of the country, so wherever you go you’ll find somewhere to take a dip. There are even a whole bunch of spots around Marbella and Malaga where you can swim off those hot days down on the coast. All you have to do is jump in the hire car, follow the directions and you’re away… your own slice of wild swimming heaven. And, of course, unlike the activities’ chiller, more northerly cousin - dipping toes in the UK’s wild spots that Daniel Start wrote about in his first book, Wild Swimming - swimming in the lakes and rivers of Spain in the summer is hot hot hot!!!

Staying safe on your open water swims

Of course, here at World First we’re always concerned for your wellbeing. So it is important to remember some important rules when it comes to wild swimming. The first is to only ever swim within your ability and – if you aren’t sure about somewhere – always err on the side of caution, especially with kids. And do not, under any circumstances, swim when you are under the influence of drink or drugs, obviously!

The Wind Swimming book has lots of important safety advice and a set of rules to follow. They also offer lots of really useful advice at to help you stay well and enjoy your swims as much as possible.

Going wild? Don’t forget to tell us!!

Our policies cover hundreds of outdoor and activities, including wild (or open water) swimming. Just don’t forget to tell us before you go so we can make sure we’ve got it on cover. Wild swimming is covered by our Activity Pack 2 and is not included in standard policies. Better to be safe than sorry if the lure of swimming in a mountain lake is too much for you!!!




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