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Turkey terror attacks: where you stand with World First

Turkey terror attacks

Over 2,500, 000 British nationals visit Turkey every year. Despite terror attacks it is still considered a safe country to visit.

We live in troubled times. And now, after the most recent terror attack in Turkey on Tuesday, you may be thinking twice about your travel plans.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office say that "Turkey is generally safe to travel but you should take additional safety precautions. You should be alert to your surroundings and remain vigilant in crowded places popular with tourists." They have not advised against travel to Turkey, with the exception of some cities and the areas near to the border with Syria, where they advise against all but essential travel. These are detailed in the FCO's Foreign Travel Advice page on the 'Know Before you Go' website.

If you are booked to travel to Turkey this summer and are considering cancelling, this must be done through tour operator as our policies do not cover terrorism or the threat of it. However, we are more than happy to shift your travel policy to an alternative destination and date if your tour operator offers you alternatives. We will do this without administrative charges or extra costs.

Also, if you are offered a full refund by your travel agent or tour operator, because you cannot move the trip to an alternative destination, we will, of course offer a full refund on your policy on the understanding that no claim be made against the policy.

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