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Fancy something unusual? Our travel insurance will cover it.

You’re an adventurous sort. You like to try new things on holiday. You aren’t afraid of a few outlandish activities. But bridge swinging? Is that a swing too far? Would the idea of it put you off?

Us neither.

Here at World First we cover lots of sports and activities free of charge. These are the kind of things that you’ll have the chance to do on your holidays that are pretty low risk. Like aerobics or archery, thatching or yoga. We cover them because the risk to you is low. But, when you start to get more extreme in your choices, we then need to add what we call ‘activity packs’ to your policy. We have 8 if them and they cover everything up to the high risk end of sports activities such as para skiing and sky diving. Each of these activity packs add a little more to your premium because of the increased risk – but it’s definitely worth it.

Don’t go without telling us

The most important thing to remember when taking part in extreme sports is that you tell us. We can then put you on the right cover so that if something happens we can cover you. Conversely, if you don’t have the right cover then we won’t cover you if you take part in a sport that’s not on your policy. It’s as simple as that.

What we cover…

If you can think of it then we can cover it. That’s the message. But just don’t forget to tell us before you go (or before you do it).

You ready for adventure? Here are some of the more bizarre events we cover.

Bridge Swinging

This is where you attach a rope to a bridge and swing directly underneath at high speed, often over water (but not always). It looks absolutely horrific. Take a look at the video in this article from the Beyond Blighty Travel Blog, which was filmed at the largest in the world, Nevis Swing (a drop of 134 metres) ....if you are crazy enough we can insure you...

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking - Fancy something unusual? Our travel insurance will cover it.

With many Ski locations turning into biking resorts during the snow-free summer months, downhill riding has seen huge growth over the last decade. It is amazing fun and hugely exhilarating. You don’t even need to peddle all the way to the top anymore.  And we can cover it. If your idea of a great holiday is hurtling down a hill on a bike the we have just the travel policy you will need.

Free Diving

Free Diving Our travel insurance will cover it.

Free diving is the art of diving without any kind of breathing apparatus. They say it gets you closer to marine life than normal (no bubbles to scare the fish) and you can go deeper than recreational diving (because you aren’t taking on nitrogen into your blood stream) but it’s not without risk and is definitely one that you will want to be insured for. We can cover you.

Iron Man

Fancy something unusual? Our travel insurance will cover Iron Man

This is the extreme version of a triathlon: a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile cycle and finished off with a mere 26.2 mile run. It’s not the most relaxing way to spend a holiday but you would be amazed at how many people we insure for this. Apparently not everyone wants to lie on a deck chair sipping pina coladas throughout their holiday. If extreme physical exertion is your idea of a holiday, speak to us.


Jousting travel insurance

Admittedly we don’t insure many people for Jousting holidays, but just knowing that we can gives us hope that maybe the Club 18-30 Jousting holiday may become a trend. If it ever does, we can cover you!


This sport was invented in the 1950’s by bored swimmers. It looks a lot of fun and a great workout. Armed with a snorkel and mask, flippers and a water polo helmet (they protect your ears) it’s like underwater hockey. More info on the British Octopush Association website.


This is a traditional sport in Brazil played with a hand shuttlecock. It is similar to volleyball and is said to be as old as Brazil. Just get the right cover – from us!

Sand Dune Surfing

Sand Dune Surfing insurance

Climb to the top of a large Sand dune. Strap in. Go downhill very quickly. How hard can it be?  Unofficial speeds have been reported in excess of 60mph so it’s you definitely want to be covered for…

Slack Lining

Slack Lining Our travel insurance will cover it.

Ever been to your local park and seen someone on a really low tight rope and wondered what they are up to? That’s slacklining. The major difference between it and tight ropewalking is that the line has less tension so you get a much more bouncy ride. You can try a few different types: urban lining, trick lining, water lining. Fancy trying it? Give us a call.

Unicycle riding

Perfect for when two wheels is one too many. It’s difficult but still insurable, which is good news.

For more, take a look at sports and activities covered in your Wold First Travel Insurance.

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  1. Arianwen says:

    That big swing was insane, and this is great advice. If you’re the adventurous sort it really is important to get comprehensive cover before you travel. It’s amazing how many activities aren’t covered in basic policies!

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