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The World First Wander – How to start a travel blog

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.

It’s been another great week in the travel blogosphere. But while deliberating over which of the latest, greatest travel stories to include, we had a moment of clarity. It hit us. The penny dropped. We’re always doing our damndest to bring you the best travel articles. But we’ve never covered the actual process of becoming a travel blogger. Time to fix that!

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So what’s involved in becoming a travel blogger?  What do you need to get started? How do you race through the ranks to become a travel blogger so successful that you can make a living hopping hither and yon across the globe, drinking in the rich variety that the world has to offer?

Get inspired!

Travel blogs are everywhere. A vital source of destination intel, holiday inspiration and helpful local knowledge. That doesn’t mean there’s no room to add your voice to the mix. And if you’re good, you can fund your travels - which you’ll agree is pretty stupendous! So what turns a wannabe-blogger into a die-hard wordsmith? How do you turn the flickering flames of inspiration into a roaring inferno of productivity? What drives you to lunge for your laptop while others bee-line for the bar? Our first article this week features testimony from twelve travel bloggers about getting motivated and staying motivated: What inspired me to start a travel blog.

Where to start?

How to start a travel blog

Good news. Getting started as a travel blogger is simpler than you might have thought. You don’t need oodles of spare cash. And you don’t need to be a digital design guru (although an eye for good colour combinations will definitely help). Here to get you racing off the starting grid is Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps: 8 simple steps to starting a successful travel blog. Wash those nuggets of wisdom down with these juicy tips from Wild Junket: How to start a travel blog: a complete guide.

Can you smell success?

Of course, success in blogging is a pretty subjective thing. One blogger will be delighted with ten views per day, while another won’t be happy until their blog is their sole source of income. So make sure you spend some time thinking about what you want for your blog. What are your goals and targets? What milestones do you want to hit?

There are oodles of articles on the www about how to make it as a travel blogger. Two of the finest are How to become a successful travel blogger from Stefan RTW and 10 steps to travel blogging success from World of Wanderlust. The important thing is to map out what success looks like to you. Don’t measure yourself by someone else’s targets. And never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

How to become a travel writer?

Some people are born to write. Creativity oozes from them in an effortless flow of brilliance. Other mere mortals have to work at it. And like anything else in life it’s something that gets easier and becomes more natural the more you do it. Speed up the process by having a butcher’s at How to become a travel writer in 20 messy steps from Nerd’s Eye View - sure, at least, to raise a smile.

Smashing through writer’s block...

The cursor blinks. Your mind is as blank as the page.  Don’t panic, it happens to the best. The secret is to learn how to combat writer’s block before you lose days of productivity. Some writers go for a walk or a run. Others hit a gallery. Maybe immersing yourself in your favourite book or catching up with your favourite bloggers will unlock some creativity. Travelettes has your back with 10 unbeatable ways to overcome travel writer's block. And be sure to take a look at 5 ways to inspire your way out of writer's block from Bloguettes.

Money, money, money....

Making money with a travel blog can be tough. Really tough. But if you are determined, resourceful and, well, good enough, you can watch the pennies come rolling in. Above all you need to make sacrifices. If you’re serious, your blog will need to become your full-time job. It requires a lot of care and attention and - of course - a steady stream of great content. So how do you do it? First up have a read of 13 ways I’ve made money from travel blogging by Girl Tweets World, who has even spilled the beans on how much she has earned. But hey - don’t expect to be earning the big beans right away - it takes time. Patience as well as persistence is key.

Who wants plain sailing anyway?

Blogging has a dark side. Don’t believe us? Here’s another article from Girl Tweets World with Secret diary of a travel blogger: I have a massive chip on my shoulder. It’s a brilliant diatribe about how the world perceives bloggers - in particular female bloggers. Meanwhile The Little Backpacker invites you to help banish her blogging demons in The thing about travel blogging as she waxes lyrical on creative bluntness and fears that her blog no longer lives up to its name.

Taking the rough with the smooth...

Our final article this week comes courtesy of Backpacks And Bunkbeds, who’s dished up a wonderfully illuminating article into the highs and lows of being a travel blogger: 5 years a travel blogger - good bits, bad bits, mistakes and stats.
Righto, that’s it for another week! If you are thinking about starting up a travel blog we hope this week’s Wander has given you a little food for thought and maybe spurred you on to live the travel blogger dream. Go forth. To dare is to do. Best of luck!

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