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Travel blogs we love this week - The World First Wander

Travel blogs we love this week - The World First WanderWelcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel blogs so you don’t have to.

What everybody is doing with their summer

We always keep a close watch on what’s happening in the travel blogging world so we can get a whiff of what’s exciting people. This summer it’s all about camping and trekking it seems. And they have been keeping us busy. Here are some of our favourite posts.

Let’s start at planning stage…

Travel blogs we love this week - The World First Wander - planning an expedition

The level of planning you need to do is related to the type of adventure you plan to undertake but, no matter the trek, there always has to be a plan. Our first blog post this week is all about planning that next expedition. It’s from The Next Challenge and is part of their “How to have an adventure” series. It is packed with tips on how to get your adventurous side primed and ready to go: How to actually plan an expedition.

Don’t forget: no matter where you roam travel insurance is essential. No matter what kind of adventure you’re planning, we can cover it. There’s a list here: Sports and activities covered by World First Travel Insurance

One of the problems with travel is…

…work gets in the way. But it doesn’t have to. Our next post explains how you don’t have to jack it all in to travel the world. So, for those of you who like your jobs (we include ourselves in this) and are eager to find out how to make the work/life balance thing work out, here’s: How to keep your job and travel the world.

What to pack for an adventure

The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week - what to pack for an adventure

Fancy the Inca Trail? This next blog is all about preparing for it. But actually it applies to any kind of a trip in the wilds. And, of course, loo roll is on the list from Simons Jam Jar. But what else might you have forgotten? Take a look at The complete Inca Trail packing list.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Who doesn’t love the great British seaside? We do! We have loads of stunning beaches within a short drive of our offices here in Exeter so we are lucky. Someone else who loves the seaside is Mummy Travels. She has written a love letter to the great British Seaside as part of the “Oh my Great Britain” campaign, which celebrates all the experiences you can have in the UK.

The closest you can get to travelling back in time

The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week - Sark - The closest thing you can get to travelling back in time

Sark is one of the Channel Islands. A lesser known one, for sure, but no less enthralling. It’s  just over 16K from neighbouring Guernsey and is stunning. In lots of ways it’s ‘lost in time’. I (Tristan) was lucky enough to visit Sark years ago and cycled round the island with our MD Martin. We thoroughly recommend a visit. However there is one thing to remember that’s pointed out by Travel Tramp in this next post is that there is no reciprocal health agreement with the UK. So your travel cover is essential. Have a read and fall in love with Sark – How to travel to the island of Sark.

Go wild in the country

The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week - Wild Camping - everything you need to know

We have included a few travel posts recently about Wild Camping which definitely seems to be getting a lot more popular at the moment. It is a love it or loathe it experience. We love it, which is why we wanted to include this next post. It’s got all the answers for those who want to but aren’t sure how. Take it away Anna McNuff: Wild Camping – Your questions answered.

One for when it’s all over

Like all good things, that trip of a lifetime will eventually come to an end. It’s hard not to feel down, but it’s a natural part of the process to sit at your desk and think “this time yesterday I waa at…”. We have all been there. So, for those who find it tough, here’s a little something from a newly discovered blog called Continent Chasers. They will surely help you cure those post travel blues.

Our own cure is to get another adventure booked up the minute you get back! What’s yours?

Until Next week

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  1. Agent54 says:

    There is nothing funny about flying across country.

  2. wftristan says:

    That depends on which country you are flying over 🙂

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