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The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs

The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogsWelcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel blogs so you don’t have to.

It’s getting towards the end of the summer holidays. Amazing! But there is still plenty of time to pack in a few adventures, whether it’s abroad or at home, a city break or a short overnighter.

Fall in love with camping

We have talked a lot about camping this summer and that’s exactly where we will start off this week, with Actually Mummy, who has taken 40 years to fall in love with camping. Why did it take so long? It’s a great read that’s sure to transport you back to your childhood.

Backpacking in Morocco

Morocco has always been a really popular destination for backpackers, and, as the writer of our next blog post says, ‘it’s a country full of colour, history and style’. It is certainly one of those locations that can conjure up colourful images in any traveller’s mind. So here we go, on a magic carpet ride with Jon Is Travelling and his lowdown on backpacking in Morocco. Take a peek at Morocco: costs, tips and places to see.

City Breaks….In underrated Cities

The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs - city breaks

We all have our favourite cities to visit. Many of them are perennial favourites such as Amsterdam, London or Paris. But what about the other cities that often don’t get the recognition or love they deserve from the travel community?

That’s where our next blog post comes in. It’s from the Budget Traveller blog from Kash Bhattacharya. Kash knows a thing or two about cities as he has visited 35 of them this summer alone! That’s pretty impressive. So here are his recommendations for cities that may not currently be at the top of your “must visit” list. But not for long… read What are Europe’s most underrated cities?

Talking of Cities…..What about Edinburgh?

The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs - Edinburgh City Break

A long term favourite fans of the weekend break is Edinburgh. And with good reason. No one ever (that we know of) came back from a trip to Edinburgh and said they didn’t like it. For those of us based in the sunny (at the moment) South West it is far enough away to make us really feel like we have got away.

The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs - Edinburgh - Royal Mile

So what’s Edinburgh got to offer? Have a read of An insider’s guide to Edinburgh from Traveller Notes and find out. Then head North.

Experience Paris like a local

The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs - Experience Paris like a local

Everybody loves Paris, or so it seems. The team here at World First certainly seem to love it. And why wouldn’t you? It’s got culture, amazing (and often surprisingly cheap) food on almost every corner and such a lot of fantastic corners to explore. You could spend a lifetime poking about in Paris and never get bored that’s for sure. Thinking of taking a trip? You really need to read Elle Crofts How to see Paris like a local.

The classic overnighter

The World First Wander: the best of this week's travel blogs - Bed and Breakfast Photograph

Cash rich but time poor? The overnight break is the perfect solution for those of us unable to get away for as long as we might really like to. It can still be an enriching experience, even if it’s done and dusted in less than 24 hours! IF you need help with ideas then check out this, from The Cosy Traveller: 10 Overnight European breaks that are totally doable.

The weekender…another classic

If you find yourself able to sneak away for a weekend then you could be one of the lucky ones. Not everybody can! And perhaps that’s why they are so precious. Anyway, the weekender remains as popular as ever, and the girls at Ladies What Travel have lots of reasons why. Actually they have five. All of them good to know… take a look at 5 reasons why weekenders are so popular for more.

That’s it for this week’s World First Wander! Hopefully it’s inspired you!

If you are a travel blogger we really want to hear from you - so please make sure you let us know about your latest travel post.

Until next week.

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