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Once we’ve got Christmas out of the way it’s time to start planning your next holiday move. Or is it? We’ve been looking at the calendar for 2017 and we think you should start planning now, especially if you have limited holiday days available. Why? In 2017, thanks to the perfect alignment of bank holidays in the UK, there is a golden opportunity to grab 18 days away by only booking 9 days holiday. Under normal circumstances – and without the benefit of bank holidays - taking 10 days off would buy you just 16 days in total, but in 2017 Good Friday, Easter Monday and May Day are close enough that you can tag them onto your days and still only use up 9 days of holiday.

Get your holiday booking in now!

OK, here’s what you have to do: book off the 18th to the 21st of April and then the 24th to the 28th. It means you’ll leave work on the 13th of April and won’t have to be back until the 2nd of May.  That’s enough time for a really decent holiday.  But don’t hang about until after Christmas to book it with HR. Get in there now!!!

Take us with you

Once you’ve decided where you are going, don’t forget about us! Booking your holiday cover as soon as you book your trip means you’ll be protected if you have to cancel before you depart. And, of course, it’ll protect you when you are away from delays, loss of baggage and essentials as well as cover you in case of a medical emergency.




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