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Travel insurance for seniors: it doesn’t have to be so gloomy!

A recent article by This Is Money lamented how expensive it is for senior travellers to buy travel insurance. But the article failed to mention one or two things that make life way easier for sojourning seniors. 

“Financial website of the year” This Is Money recently published an article with a particularly provocative title: Travel insurance for 80-year-olds is 17 TIMES more expensive than it is for 55-year-olds (and there's far less choice). The article also stated that those aged over 80 can only access less than half of the policies available on the market.

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that, as you get older, travel insurance does indeed become more expensive. Underwriters calculate premiums based on risk. Their perception is that older travellers are more likely to become ill or require medical treatment while on holiday - and foreign medical bills can be costly.

Yet there are a number of holes in This Is Money’s article. And several grains of comfort for senior travellers who are worried about being priced out of the market, or not being offered a policy at all.

Screening for medical conditions...

The thrust of the article is based on comparing premiums across different age brackets for customers travelling without medical conditions. That’s all well and good. But how many 80 year olds do you know who don’t have a medical condition? The comparisons are only relevant to the minority of seniors who have a totally clean bill of health.

Okay, but doesn’t travel insurance get more expensive when you declare medical conditions? Well, yes and no. And that’s where medical screening comes in. (That’s the term used for the process of declaring your medical conditions to your insurer, which can be done online or over the phone.)

Searching for medical travel insurance for seniors

Price comparison websites offer the opportunity to complete basic medical screening and obtain a range of quotes from a panel of providers. But your premiums may skyrocket based on what you declare during your medical screening. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are alternatives. The majority of travel insurers you’ll find on price comparison websites don’t specialise in medical travel insurance. But there are experts out there who do - such as World First - and you won’t find them on price comparison websites for this reason. These specialists are likely to offer premiums that are far more affordable.

Allow us to explain.

Medical travel insurance at a price that’s fair

We have made our name by offering medical travel insurance at a price that’s fair. (Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our customer reviews on Trustpilot.) We are able to do this because our medical screening process is way more advanced than those you get on price comparison websites. It allows us to really understand the condition(s) you are living with and how they are being managed.

Equipped with the bigger picture of you and your health, we can tailor your premium accordingly - rather than doing what some insurers do and automatically assuming the worst the moment medical conditions are declared. So while it’s true that you will most likely end up paying more as a senior traveller with medical conditions, you can save a fortune on a policy that fits your circumstances by going to a specialist in medical travel insurance.

And if you travel regularly you could save even more with an annual policy, which will cover you for unlimited trips for a year.

Over to you...!

As ever the best advice is to shop around. Just remember that the specialists don’t often use price comparison websites. Find out more about us at

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