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Stress can be serious - impinging hugely on your quality of life. Holidays can be a great antidote to your anxieties. But unless you are prepared, jetting off can sometimes create stress of its own. Well, worry no more. Banish holiday hot-headedness with these eight simple steps. 

1. Research your destination

Planning your holiday needn’t be homework. Checking out your destination pre-trip can be as exciting as it is practical. While you’re seeing what beaches and restaurants you might be offering a visit, it’s a good idea to brush up on the local neighbourhoods and customs for your own safety and peace of mind. The Foreign Office has an invaluable website that will keep you up to speed with the most relevant and most timely travel advice for your trip.

2. Check your flight details

When does your gate open? How are you getting to the airport and how long will the journey take? Do you have any special dietary requirements the airline should know about in advance? What are the weight restrictions on your luggage? Have you stocked up on travel sickness pills if you need them? If you’re taking devices, are they full charged? The holiday starts with the journey, so make sure it’s planned well!

3. Cover your base

The place you leave should be a place you’re happy to come back to. Leaving a clean and welcoming home allows you to ease into your holiday knowing that you don’t have a bunch of housework and life admin to do the moment you return. Be sure to plan your pet care adequately too. You’re going on holiday to escape the stresses of everyday living. The last thing you want is for your life at home to encroach on your away time.

4. Get travel insurance

If something unexpected happens while you’re away, the cost of foreign medical care could spiral into thousands of pounds. A good travel insurance policy will cover foreign medical bills - not to mention all the other things like trip cancellation, theft of your possessions or the loss of cash. If you are travelling with pre-existing medical conditions, appropriate medical travel insurance is even more important.

5. Vaccinate

After researching your destination, it might prove necessary to get a jab or two from your GP. Prevent needless worry by arranging any vaccinations you require with plenty of time to spare.

6. Put down your phone

Thanks to smartphones, you can access email, respond to queries and solve problems all from the comfort of the sun lounger. That doesn’t mean that you should. After all, it doesn’t sound like much of a holiday does it? Stick your out-of-office on and let your mind recharge.

7. Getting active? Get covered!

Not all holidays are spent lolling by the pool. In fact, anything more than a gentle stroll to a restaurant is essentially an active holiday. A round of golf, spot of hiking or a bit of scuba diving are enough to warrant getting travel insurance that covers activities - whether your main concern is to protect yourself, your gear or your deposit on that gear. Some policies - including ours - automatically cover dozens of sports and activities. Get covered, then get on the end of that bungee rope!

8. Tickets, money, passports

Because you’d be surprised how many people forget them. Then it’s a one-way ticket to stress city. Pack them first, everything else will follow.

Have a great, stress-free holiday!

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