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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Don’t we? Using data from our recent travel survey, we have compiled the most statistically spectacular holiday package. We're going to your favourite place, doing your favourite activities, with your favourite travel companions. Can you guess the results? 

1,565 travel lovers chimed in on our recent travel survey. We have sliced and diced the data and what follows is the most statistically popular holiday package. So grab your passport and camera. It’s time to get moving!

What type of holiday do you prefer?

Hats off to Cliff. We really are all going on a summer holiday. Well, most of us anyway. Yes you can forget cruises, backpacking and weekends away. A whopping 70.88% of our respondents prefer a summer holiday to any other type of sojourn. Pass the suntan lotion!

What’s your favourite destination?

The USA and the Caribbean are popular. Of course they are. But - conclusively - Europe is the place we want to be. 82.95% of our respondents have hopped across the Channel in the last twelve months. Of our European adventurers, 43.14% went to Spain - making the land of sun, siestas and sangrias the clear favourite among our roving respondents. Vamos!

Who do you travel with?

Sometimes the best memories are the memories you share. That’s why going on holiday with your nearest and dearest is so much fun. And while our respondents enjoy going travelling with their families, it seems nothing beats escaping with a partner. 46.39% holidayed with their special someone over the last twelve months.

How do you travel?

The proliferance of air travel has made it easier, faster and cheaper to explore the world than ever before. And flight makes right for our respondents, with 89.31% opting to travel by air. How’s that for spreading your wings?

What’s your favourite type of accommodation?

Having a comfortable place to rest your head can make all the difference to your holiday. By a landslide our travel lovers plump for the old familiar, with 65.97% choosing to stay in hotels and guesthouses.

What activities do you most enjoy while you’re away?

Sunbathing? Pah! Overrated - at least according to the energetic culture vultures who completed our survey. The top three holiday activities among our respondents were walking (65.10%), eating out (76.45%) and sightseeing (89.74%).

How often do you go on holiday?

So it seems the most popular holidays looks a little like this: flying to Spain with your partner for a summer holiday spent exploring the local sights and sounds and dining on tasty local delicacies before retiring to a comfortable hotel or guesthouse.

So when will it be? Soon, going by our data! 49.13% of our respondents spent four weeks or more on non-UK holidays over the last twelve months, with most taking either two or three holidays per year. Ready to jet off? Don’t forget your Spain travel insurance.

There’s a lot more to come...

Thanks to our survey we have gathered all kinds of data on real-world holiday habits. Stay tuned to the blog over the next few weeks as we lift the lid on your travel likes, dislikes, desires and habits.

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