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We asked, you told. Here’s a summary of the things that get your goat about buying travel insurance - and a guide to how you can dodge your dislikes with World First. 

As part of our extensive 2017 travel survey, we asked our readers what annoys them most about buying travel insurance. You responded in droves.

High prices are annoying. But there’s nothing worse than this...

A recurring gripe among our survey respondents was the price of travel insurance. Perhaps that’s understandable. After all, some insurers seem to lure you in with advertising that alludes to low premiums. Yet by the time you have finished your application, your quote is anything but easy on the purse strings.

But there are two grievances that are far more common than price. 19.49% of you are annoyed that medical screening is so complicated. Even more of you (26.39%) are irritated by the fact that lots of travel insurers refuse to cover you based on your medical history.

That’s a big problem. Millions of travel-lovers are living with medical conditions. In fact an overwhelming majority of our survey respondents (75.27%) declared at least one medical condition the last time they purchased travel insurance. Travelling with medical conditions is not the exception, it’s the norm.

Why should medical conditions hold you back?

You have to declare your medical conditions to travel insurers. Failure to do so will invalidate your policy in the event that you need to make a claim. Essentially that’s the same as travelling without cover, only you are still paying for a policy.

The trouble is that some insurers massively inflate their premiums once you start declaring your medical history. Some may even refuse to cover you at all, which is incredibly annoying after you have completed a lengthy and complicated medical screening process.

Permit us to blow our own trumpet...

You don’t let your medical conditions hold you back. Why should your travel insurer stop you spreading your wings? Exactly. Here at World First we say if you are well enough to travel, you are likely well enough to get medical travel insurance.

We cover thousands of conditions - including complex diseases such as AIDS, heart disease and cancer as well as rare conditions most people have never heard of like Behr syndrome, pemphigus and AMKL. And we do it at a price that’s fair.

It’s the reason a good chunk of our new customers (15.22%) discover us after they have been unable to find travel cover for their medical conditions elsewhere. And if you will permit us to blow our own trumpet, that’s something that makes us feel really proud.

It all starts with our medical screening

No two instances of a specific disease are ever really the same. Ditto for the way different people manage their conditions. That’s why we use a medical screening process that’s unlike anything used by most other insurers.

We allow you to choose from a range of different options regarding your medical history. You get to provide detail that other insurers don’t even ask for. That gives us a bigger picture of you, your condition and how you manage it, which means we can offer you a fairer quote.

If that all sounds complicated, think again. We’ve made sure our medical screening is clear and simple to complete online. And you get an instant decision on the options available to you. Or you can call our highly trained in-house customer service team (down here in lovely Devon) who will guide you through the screening process step by step.

Sounds good? Take a look at our policies at or call us with any queries on 0345 90 80 161.

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3 Responses to Your pet hates about travel insurance – and how World First helps

  1. Diana Faver says:

    We were very pleased that World First gave my husband travel insurance for a medical condition that other insurers wanted to charge a big premium. The charges were very reasonable and we were also very happy that we could also get a years insurance as well.

  2. Mrs P crawford says:

    So lucky we were able to insure with World Insurance receive a reasonable quote for my husband who is 82 all the other insurance quotes would have meant we were unable to travel recommended the company to my friends

  3. wftristan says:

    Hello Mrs Crawford

    So happy we have been able to help – Hope you have a wonderful holiday


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