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What’s the best way to buy travel insurance?

More and more holiday-lovers are choosing to buy their travel insurance online. But what does that mean for those who get travel insurance through their bank? And what’s the downside of price comparison websites?

In our recent travel survey, we asked our readers how they tend to buy their travel insurance policies. The results were conclusive. 63.45% of 1,565 respondents purchased their policies online. And why not? It’s easy. With World First you can get your quote within a couple of minutes.

The downside of price comparison websites

Perhaps the preference for buying online has been spurred by the prevalence of price comparison websites. After all it seems you can’t get through an ad break these days without a meerkat or moustachioed melodist shouting about the money-saving benefits of comparing policies online.

But watch out, because not every insurer is on price comparison websites. Ourselves included. And by sticking with the household names in insurance, you could be missing out on specialist cover that costs less than you think. For example here at World First we provide travel cover for hundreds of medical conditions that can cost a fortune to cover elsewhere.

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Travel insurance by telephone...

The preference might be to buy travel insurance online. But lots of people still like picking up the telephone too. Just under a third of our survey respondents purchased their last policy over the phone. It’s one of the reasons we continue to invest in an expert in-house customer service team, based at our head office in Devon. That's great for customers who have queries about their cover or need a little assistance completing medical screening. Our experts are ready to help on 0345 90 80 161.

Don’t bank on travel insurance with your current account

Lots of banks offer travel insurance policies as perks on certain accounts. Fair enough, you might think. But travel insurance is a specialist area. The one-size-fits-all policies offered through banks are fine if you have only very basic requirements, but you could find yourself caught out if you needed to claim - especially if you have medical conditions. Everyone is different, every holiday is different. You need a policy that fits your personal circumstances. (We’ve written about this in detail in the article below.)

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Ready to jet off?

Whether you prefer to buy online or over the phone, you can get specialist travel cover at a price that’s fair with World First in as little as two minutes. Try us! Visit our website to apply online or call our customer service team on 0345 90 80 161.

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