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Leiomyosarcoma cancer: it’s an uncommon disease. And as such it needs more awareness than ever this July. Here's how we're helping.

What is leiomyosarcoma cancer?

Leiomyosarcoma, more commonly known as LMS, is a rare breed of cancer related to soft tissue. That means muscle, fat, fibrous tissues, blood vessels and nerves are where it can develop. In fact, any tissue surrounding a major organ is at risk. As such then, most of the body. Sounds ominous? It needn’t.

How common is leiomyosarcoma?

Soft tissue sarcomas are rare. Around 3,300 people are diagnosed with the illness per year. Compare that to over 46,000 diagnosed with lung cancer per year and you begin to see just how few cases there are. It’s most frequently found in over 65s (4 for every 10), but that’s really its only trend. Given the disease’s nature, it can develop in males or females of any age.

Unfortunately less exposure means less awareness. And awareness of sarcoma cancers is part of the battle against the disease.

How hard is detection?

Soft tissue sarcomas are a tricky cancer to diagnose. Typically, the disease is detected by a lump or swelling. As with all such growths, getting yourself to your GP the first moment you discover anything is the best method of dealing with the disease. Chances are it’ll be benign, but it’s never worth taking that risk.

LMS awareness

Leiomyosarcoma awareness is about getting that message out and spreading information about this little known form of cancer. The more people with access to the facts, the greater the fight becomes against it. Almost half of those diagnosed with the disease go on to live for ten years or longer. In terms of other cancers, that’s a very favourable rate.

How can you help?

Hungry? Join the charity Sarcoma UK in raising crucial funds for cancer research by hosting your own picnic. Just pick a venue, gather your guests and graze on tasty bites while asking for a small donation. Visit the Sarcoma UK website for a Big Picnic Pack to help promote your event.

Travelling with leiomyosarcoma

Living with a diagnosis of soft tissue sarcoma should be no barrier to taking a well-earned holiday. Yet it demands water-tight travel insurance. For such an uncommon form of cancer, you might be forgiven for thinking that reasonably priced medical cover is out of the question. Yet here at World First, we say otherwise.

If you are well enough to travel, we believe you should get comprehensive travel insurance at a price that’s fair. All we ask is that diagnosis came longer than four weeks before your application and that you have gone three weeks beyond any IV treatment. Arranging cover with us is swift and simple, leaving you more time to plan your trip.

Get comprehensive cancer travel insurance with World First.

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