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You look forward to your holiday for months. But what do you most enjoy doing when you get there? Doggedly protecting your lounger by the pool? Getting out and about? Here’s a little insight to your favourite holiday activities. 

In our recent travel survey we asked 1,500 of our readers about their travel habits. That included a question about the activities you best enjoy while on holiday. Here’s the top ten, as chosen by World First customers and readers of our blog.

10. Visiting a museum (32%)

There are few better ways to dig into the cultural history of the place you are visiting than bee-lining for the local museum. And if you happen to find yourself in a cultural epicentre such as Paris or Berlin or New York? Well. You could devote your entire holiday to taking in some of the most jaw-dropping exhibitions on Earth.

9. Visiting historic sites (40%)

The world is changing fast. Ancient history seems almost impossible to imagine. It’s nice to be reminded of the link between us and our ancestors. (Even if that guy in front won’t stop taking photos.)

8. Swimming (48%)

Admit it. Your swimming gear is one of the first things in your suitcase. Seaside, lakeside or poolside, it doesn’t feel like a holiday without a dip in the wet stuff.

7. Lazing on the beach (50%)

Nothing screams holiday like the irrepressible allure of soft golden sands with the sunlight dancing off the waves beyond. Pack your beach towel and don’t forget the suncream.

6. Reading (51%)

You do it at home. But not nearly as much as you’d like. There are few finer pleasures than lazing on the balcony in the evening sun with a gin and tonic and getting stuck in to the next book on your reading list.

5. Sunbathing (52%)

Oh this? Thank you, it’s just my tan. Yes, we’ve been away...

4. Shopping (63%)

Because what is a holiday without a souvenir or ten?

3. Walking (65%)

Forget the hire car. One of the best ways to see a country is on two feet. Lace up those walking boots and get out there. Oh and don’t forget your camera.

2. Eating out (76%)

They say the best way to get to know an unfamiliar culture is to visit its local restaurants. And we can’t argue with that. Waiter?

1. Sightseeing (90%)

Yep, storming into number one with a whopping 90% of our readers enjoying it on their holiday, it’s sightseeing. And you knew that already didn’t you? Because a good holiday is all about the discovery of new places, new people and new experiences.

Makes you hungry for your next getaway, doesn’t it?

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