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Recently we asked 1,400 of our readers about their favourite European holiday destinations. Can you guess which five countries made it onto the list? 

Whatever your stance on Brexit, we definitely have the hots for Europe as a holiday destination. In our recent travel survey we found that 83% of our readers have visited Europe in the previous twelve months.

But where in Europe did our troop of travel-lovers visit most?

5. Greece (11%)

It’s not hard to find your own private piece of paradise in a country with 227 inhabited islands and over 6,000 islands overall. Not that you’ll want to spend too long playing truant from the welcoming locals and array of restaurants serving gigantic portions of incredible souvlaki and moussaka. Just watch out for the plate-smashing.

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4. Portugal (12%)

Portugal is famous for its port - and no trip is complete without sampling the hallowed produce of the Douro Valley. But there’s more to Portugal than fortified wine. Such as the spellbinding sandy beaches of Lagos. Or the phenomenal coastal walks of the Algarve. Or the street art and eclectic nightlife of Porto. Oh and then there’s Portugal’s quietly held reputation for some of the finest seafood in the world. Fabulous, crab-ulous and well worth a visit.

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3. Italy (15%)

Italy is a country of remarkable contrasts. The storied history and archaeological ruins of Rome are a captivating counterpoint to the well-heeled fashion, glitz and glamour of Milan. Add in the otherworldly beauty of spots like Lake Como and the charm of Venice - not to mention the irrepressible allure of authentic Italian cuisine - and you can see how Italy has earned its place in our readers’ hearts. Focaccia, anyone?

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2. France (21%)

Sacré bleu! Don’t tell your French friends that they were pipped to the top spot. Because us Brits have something of a love affair with holidaying in France. And why not? It’s just a short hop across the Channel, but a world away in terms of culture. From the cultural feast that is Paris, to the cosmopolitan coastline of the French Riviera, to the dusty vineyards of Bordeaux - it’s a big country with an awful lot to explore. And don’t get us started on the food. There’s a reason most people regard France as the culinary epicentre of the world. Bon appetit!

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1. Spain (43%)

Get those castanets a’clicking! Yes, you had your suspicions already. And with a whopping 43% of our readers having visited in the last twelve months, Spain takes the top spot in our travel survey. There are more sandy beaches than you can shake a stick of chorizo at, high levels of year-round sunshine and the chance to have a siesta after your sangria without even feeling guilty. What’s not to love? Vamos!

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