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Macmillan launches campaign for fairer cancer travel insurance

Leading cancer charity Macmillan is campaigning to make travel insurance fairer for cancer patients. Here are one or two things you can do to join the fight. 

Getting travel insurance as a cancer patient isn’t easy

It’s been in the news lots recently. We have even written about it ourselves. The struggle to find reliable travel insurance as a cancer patient can be incredibly frustrating, with many insurers charging as much as 60 times over the odds. Other insurers may refuse to cover you altogether.

That can leave patients paying more for travel cover than their actual holiday. Or taking the risk of travelling without insurance.

Sounds unfair? Leading cancer support charity Macmillan agrees. That’s why they are calling for travel insurers to provide cancer patients with policies that offer the necessary cover without the jaw-dropping premiums.

The good news for Macmillan is that we are already one step ahead.

Cancer travel insurance at a price that’s fair

Here at World First we do things differently from most travel insurers. No matter what type of cancer you have, our ethos is that if you are well enough to travel, you should be able to get the cover you need to travel in confidence - without making a dent in your life savings.

Our medical screening system allows you to give us more detail about your condition and how you manage it. That way we can calculate your premium with a more informed opinion, rather than making wild assumptions. Thousands of cancer patients have insured with us having struggled to find travel insurance elsewhere.

This customer review is a great example of how we make holidays possible for travellers with medical conditions when they aren’t prepared to pay through the nose for cover.

Who can we insure?

Cancer is a complex condition that affects each individual differently. Our service reflects that. We can provide cover regardless of type, category or grade. That’s not all. We may also be able to cover you if your cancer has spread, if you have had chemotherapy in the last three months or have received a terminal prognosis. And if we can't cover you, then we can refer you to someone who can.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed, are currently undergoing treatment or have received the all clear - the message is simple: try us.

Add your voice to Macmillan’s campaign

Macmillan is inviting cancer patients to share their experiences of obtaining travel insurance. Have you found it easy, difficult or stressful? Are you fed-up with the exorbitant prices? Go and share your thoughts and add your voice to the campaign - and hey, don’t forget to say something nice about World First!

What next?

Want to know more about World First’s cancer travel insurance? Right here is the best place to start.

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