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You know what they say. The journey is part of the experience. Safe in the knowledge that your holiday begins the moment you leave your house, here are our readers’ top five favourite ways to travel to their holiday destination - from the sea to the sky and back down again. 

In our recent travel survey, 1,384 of our readers and customers told us which forms of transport they had used to travel to their holiday destinations over the past twelve months. Here are the five most popular.

Train (9%)

From an undersea voyage on the Eurostar to the refined opulence of a journey on the Venice Simplon Orient-Express, there’s something uniquely thrilling about the click-clack of the railway track. Besides, travelling by train allows you to take in much more than you get to see when travelling by sea or sky. Settle down by that window seat and enjoy. Toot toot!

Ferry (9%)

Strap on your sea legs, it’s time to leave the port. Travelling by ferry can be way more convenient than flying, especially if you are only making a short hop to France or northern Spain and don’t live near an airport. Added bonus? The freedom to wine, dine and walk around as much as you please. Just try not to succumb to the motion of the ocean. All aboard!

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Cruise (15%)

Now we’re talking. When it comes to gadding about from one country to another, a cruise is the most luxurious way to do it. So much so that you can forget all about arrival times and just enjoy your time on board. It’s something that any bona fide travel-lover should experience at least once. There’s no finer way to splash out on the open ocean.

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Car (20%)

Lots of people go on holiday to have a break from the rigours of the open road. But for others, the car is the perfect way to get there. After all, it’s cheap. And the only schedule you are beholden to is your own. That can save a lot of stress. A fifth of our survey respondents had travelled to their holiday destination by car over the last twelve months.

Plane (89%)

Yes, by far our readers’ travel preference was to take to the skies. 89% of our survey respondents had flown to their travel destination(s) in the last twelve months. And why not? Flying seemingly becomes more accessible, more convenient and more affordable by the week. At any one time there are around 12,000 passenger flights in the sky, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that four billion passengers are carried by commercial airlines every year. It’s fast, it’s easy and - admit - it’s still incredibly thrilling.

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