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B&B or boutique room with a balcony? We asked 1,384 travel-lovers about their favourite types of holiday accommodation. Here’s what we found out. 

There’s no doubt about it. Accommodation can make or break the holiday. Some eager explorers are happy with a cheap place to lay their head at the end of a busy day. Others prefer a certain degree of luxury to their holiday digs.
But what are the most popular choices?

In our recent travel survey we asked 1,384 of our customers and readers about their favourite types of accommodation. Here’s their top five, in reverse order because - hey - why not add a little suspense to this?

5. Self-owned property (7%)

7% of our survey respondents are living the dream, retreating to their very own holiday pad whenever the fancy takes them. No need to book, no worrying about availability and all the privacy you could wish for. Nice.

4. Rented property (17%)

There aren’t many industries that the internet has failed to transform. The travel sector is no different. Thanks to the wonders of the www, property owners with spare accommodation can easily connect with travellers who are only too happy to take it off their hands.

With the explosion in popularity of websites like Airbnb and Owners Direct, there’s no wonder that rented property was one of our readers’ top accommodation choices. If you’re looking for a home-from-home in locations beyond the standard tourist traps, there’s only one choice.

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3. A friend’s property (18%)

18% of our survey respondents stayed at a friend’s property in the preceding twelve months. Presumably those friends have earned themselves an extra large Christmas card this year...

2. Holiday apartment (21%)

All the social perks of the resort, with a lot more privacy than a hotel room. A holiday apartment is great for families or groups. And if the fancy takes you, you can rustle up something tasty for dinner in your very own kitchen, without stomping around all evening trying to agree on a restaurant.

1. Hotel (66%)

Yes, by far the most popular choice of accommodation for our readers was hotels. And why not? They’re synonymous with holidays, perfect for couples and great for grabbing a last-minute bargain. With the depth of choice available there really is a hotel out there for every type of travel taste - from cheap and cheerful to boutique boudoir. Grab that keycard and get ready to raid the mini bar.

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