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You know what they say. Knowledge is power. A little research goes a long way when it comes to choosing your next holiday destination. But where’s the best place to go for travel advice? Here’s what our readers told us. 

So many places to go. So little time to do it. A little research helps whittle down that shortlist of holiday destinations to one firm favourite. Likewise your can learn a lot about your destination before you’ve even got there by turning to the right resources.

But where do you go for the best and most trusted travel advice? In our recent survey, we asked our customers and blog followers that very question. 1,384 travel-lovers responded - and here’s what we have learned.

Online guides are preferable to books and brochures

When it comes to seeking travel advice, it seems most people would rather open the browser window than a book or brochure. 84% of our survey respondents bee-lined for online guides to swot up on their sojourn, compared to just 23% who referred to books or travel magazines. And why not? With the www, a vast ocean of information is right there at your fingertips.

Friends and family are a valuable source of knowledge

You’ve seen their holiday snaps. You’ve listened to their stories. And that healthy glow has made you sick with jealousy. Friends and family are hugely influential when it comes to holiday advice. 53% of our readers spoke to friends about their next holiday, while 27% talked to family members. And it figures, right? Those you hold dearest are way more likely to offer advice that’s suited to your specific travel tastes.

Holiday planning with a pint...

A few of our survey respondents (1%) reckon they get their best travel advice down the pub. Now, we’re all for a cool glass of Pinot after a long day. But you might want to think twice about parting with your credit card info on that package holiday website after one too many at your local. Sozzled sojourn planning doesn’t exactly come with a guarantee of a happy ending.

We’re happy to be of service!

5% of our respondents stated that one of their best sources of travel advice was the World First blog. Gah, we’re blushing! We promise to keep our little corner of the www well watered with the most informative travel titbits we can muster. Thanks!

Don’t go without us...

However you choose to research your next getaway, don’t forget to take us with you. We offer cheap, comprehensive travel insurance and were named Best Travel Insurance Provider in the 2016 Insurance Choice Awards. And we specialise in policies for travel-lovers with medical conditions at prices that won’t break the bank. Try us!

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    Very true survey results!

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