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The modern world is full of weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmos. But which are you most likely to take on holiday? We asked 1,373 travel-lovers that very question - and here’s what we found out. 

In our recent travel survey we asked 1,373 of our customers and blog readers which gadgets they took on their most recent holiday. No prizes for guessing which item was the most popular. But what other gizmos made the list?

Which camp do you belong to?

When it comes to taking gadgets on holiday, there are two stereotypes. There’s the holiday purist who insists their getaway is a gadget-free zone and stoically resists anything with a screen. Then there’s the digitally-obsessed gadabouts who won’t stop gawping into their smartphone.

Yet those are extremes, as most stereotypes are. The reality is that gadgets are a core part of the modern world. Taking them away with you doesn’t mean you are giving up your freedom. It makes you no less of an adventurer. And while it can be refreshing to enjoy some time away from technology on your travels, gadgets can seriously enhance your getaway when used in moderation.

Here are our readers’ favourite gadgets to take on holiday - in reverse order of popularity.

5. MP3 player (14%)

Music provides the soundtrack to your life. The happy times and the sad times. The wild times and the sombre times. It’s capable of pulling you through the hard times and amplifying the magical times. There’s always a song for you, no matter where you are or how you feel. So if you are lazing by the pool in the sunshine, why wouldn’t you reach for that MP3 player and shut your eyes as the melody from your favourite song fills your ears? If nothing else it will drown out those dodgy tunes from the poolside bar.

4. Kindle or e-reader (36%)

Most avid bookworms have a real thing for the feeling of a tome between their fingertips; the sensation of turning from one crisp page to another. But when your partner has already filled most of the luggage space with holiday hats and flip-flops, you’re going to need a way to economise. A handheld device that allows you to carry hundreds of books on the fly is surely it. Perhaps that’s why 36% of our readers took a Kindle or e-reader on their last holiday. Or maybe they’re just sick of losing their bookmarks.

3. Stills camera (45%)

Because regardless of how slick your smartphone camera is, there’s nothing like the point and click of a half-decent film camera.

2. Tablet or laptop (82%)

We’re going to nail our flag to the mast here. There’s absolutely no shame in getting back to your hotel after an evening in a top local restaurant, kicking off your shoes and indulging in an episode or two of your favourite sitcom before bedtime. And that’s a piece of cake if you have your tablet with you. Added bonus? They’re great for entertaining little ones on the drive to the airport too.

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1. Mobile phone (87%)

Yes the number one gadget our customers are most likely to take on holiday is - of course - their smartphone. Can you blame them? They are near ubiquitous in everyday life and incredibly useful. From looking up the best local restaurants on the hop to checking the opening times of that water park you overheard that family raving about at dinner, a smartphone is one seriously handy tool to have with you on holiday. Especially if your fabled navigational skills go MIA.

Protect your gadgets while you’re away

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