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Two things we Brits hate to be without: a cup of tea and regular travel. Jetting off somewhere special is a British obsession. But how often do we really go on holiday - and how much time do we spend in foreign climes? Time to find out. 

In our recent travel survey we asked 1,384 of our customers and blog readers two questions:

1) how many times did you travel in the last twelve months?

2) how long did you spend out of the UK in the last twelve months on holiday?

Here’s what we found out.

We really do enjoy a trip abroad

100% of our respondents had travelled at least once in the previous twelve months. And while our sample size of travel-lovers isn’t representative of the nation as a whole, that’s still a significant finding. Most respondents had been away either once or twice (56%), while 13% of our readers racked up the air miles by escaping the UK five times or more. The most popular answer was to have taken two holidays over the previous twelve months (28%).

One week? Get away!

When it comes to how long our readers spent out of the UK on holiday, there were some interesting findings. Almost a quarter (22%) of our respondents spent a whopping six weeks or more out of the UK.

Sure, your holiday entitlement may not stretch that far. But our results do seem to suggest that we prefer longer holidays to short breaks. Because although 27% of our respondents went on just one holiday, only 13% were out of the country for one week or less.

Save money on your travel insurance

When it comes to your holidays, chances are you can think of more exciting things to spend your money on than travel insurance. But there aren’t many purchases that are more important. And there are some smart ways to reduce the money you pay out on policies.

For instance, 73% of our survey respondents stated that they travelled abroad more than once in the previous twelve months. That’s where an annual travel insurance policy can be incredibly useful.

It allows you to travel far and wide for twelve months on one policy. You have the freedom to go anywhere, anytime - and you don’t even need to tell us you’re leaving. And with prices that are often just a smidge more than a single trip policy, the more you travel the more you save.

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Use up your holiday time in the UK

The Victorians were obsessed with holidaying at home. And by jingo, they were definitely on to something! From the moors to the shores, Blighty is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe. On its day, it’s hard to top.

And here’s the thing. Less than half of our survey respondents (49%) spent four weeks or more out of the UK on holiday in the previous twelve months. That suggests a lot of people have some holiday time leftover each year that could be used to explore somewhere closer to home.

Our sister company Guest First offers cheap policies that will cover you for the cost of your accommodation and travel if something unexpected happens. Best of all the policies are pleasingly cheap because they don’t have the extra stuff you need for a foreign holiday.

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