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Can you guess the most popular way to travel while on holiday?

Round round get around, you get around. But what’s your favourite way to get from place to place while you’re on holiday? We asked you, here’s what you told us. 

Recently we found out that jetting off in an airplane is by far the most popular way to travel. But how do you travel around once you’re at your destination? We asked 1,384 of our customers and blog-readers that very question. Here’s what they told us.

5. Train (20%)

20% of our survey respondents travelled by train during their last holiday. Who can blame them? When it comes to the scenic route, it’s hard to top carving through unfamiliar landscapes on a train; snaking from dusty city suburbs to beautifully barren rural vistas. Grab a coffee and a panini from the buffet carriage, sink in to that window seat and breathe it in.

4. Shuttle (27%)

What’s that? Your travel operator has already sorted transport to the best local attractions, straight from your resort? Perfect.

3. Taxi (28%)

Sure, foreign taxi drivers have a reputation for throwing their scruples out of the near-side window when it comes to picking up tourists. But you can get around that by agreeing a price before you jump in to the backseat. Failing that, most cities have Uber. And there’s lots going for the taxi as a mode of transport on holiday. Mostly because you get to talk to a local who can recommend places to go and things to do that are off the most-trodden tourist tracks.

2. Hire car (29%)

Hiring a car on holiday - even if it’s just for a day or two - allows you to delve much deeper in to your destination. Best of all you can set your own agenda and travel on your terms, which can save a lot of stress. And with online services like Affordable Car Hire, arranging your wheels needn’t drive you around the bend. Remember to check up on the rules of the road before you depart. They can differ a lot from one country to the next. Brush up with the AA or RAC. Driving in a non-EU country? You may need an International Driving Permit.

1. Bus (38%)

It’s cheap. It’s convenient (most of the time). And it’s a great way to feel like a local. At once both ramshackle and reliable, there’s a pleasing quaintness about catching the bus abroad, whether you’re hopping to the nearest beach or popping in to town for a bite to eat. As for telling the driver where you want to go, forget your linguistic hang-ups and do it with the kind of misplaced gusto that is a particularly British hallmark. If you’re going to get it wrong, you might as well get it wrong with confidence.

The best of the rest...

16% of our survey respondents took their own car abroad, 6% flew and 5% caught a ferry to travel from one point to another on their holiday.

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One Response to Can you guess the most popular way to travel while on holiday?

  1. Lezli Hamon says:

    In a big town..mostly capitals ..we usually use the hop on hop off bus. In a strange country we use local trains and in Europe we use our car that we leave in Britain when we go back to Oz. We used to lease a Peugeot when in France before we bought a car in UK.

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