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You know where St Nicholas lives. That’s well documented. As for the Easter Bunny? Hmm, that’s a tough one. But we’ve got a hunch - and it’s closer to home than Lapland. Let’s take a look at the evidence...

Meet Eostra, goddess of spring and fertility

Some people believe the name Easter harks back to German pagan traditions celebrating the goddess Eostra. She was revered for bringing spring and fertility on the spring equinox, with rabbits used to symbolise her.

What’s the deal with rabbits and fertility?

Like we said, Eostra was celebrated for bringing fertility during the spring equinox. And few animals are as symbolic of fertility as rabbits. Why? Get ready for a quick science lesson. Though they live for around ten years, rabbits become sexually mature at just five months of age. Because they are induced ovulators, females can get pregnant anytime they mate (as long as they’re not already pregnant). It’s the act of mating that triggers ovulation.

That’s not all. The gestation period of rabbit pregnancies is just one month, with litters containing as many as twelve rabbits. And the most amazing thing of all is that within one day of labour a female rabbit is physiologically able to become pregnant once again. So now you know why rabbits are so synonymous with fertility. They are small, cuddly reproductive powerhouses!

Where’s the best place to find rabbits in Germany?

What with the origins of Eostra and her leporine associations, logic follows that our search for the Easter Bunny should zero in on Germany. And when you’re looking for rabbits, a forest is a fine place to begin your quest.

Good news on that front. Germany is home to some of the most beautiful forests in Europe - including the Saxon Switzerland National Park and the Bavarian Forest. But the word on the street - or rather, the word in the Journal of Zoology - is that rabbits are ditching rural areas for the city. And the city of choice for Germany’s buns is apparently Frankfurt.

While you’re in Frankfurt...

One of the best things about Easter is the opportunity to indulge in chocolatey treats. But whether you’re a chocoholic or more reserved in your cocoa bean cravings, a visit to Frankfurt’s esteemed chocolatiers is a must. Both Michis Schokoatelier in Ostend and Jamin in Sachsenhausen-Nord are legendary spots for tickling the sweet tooth. You can even take classes that will teach you how to create chocolatier-quality treats from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Don’t go without us...!

You heard it here first: if you want to find the Easter Bunny, grab your binoculars and head to the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Or the Bavarian Forest. Or the streets of Frankfurt. The Easter Bunny is bound to be feverishly producing choccy eggs in one of those places. No doubt about it. Probably.

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