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World Parkinson’s Day 2018 takes place on Wednesday 11th April. And it’s all about sharing one simple message: a diagnosis doesn’t mean you have to give up your hobbies. That includes your love of holidays. 

Holidays: the break we all deserve. The chance to escape the everyday and indulge ourselves elsewhere is a feeling few other life experiences can beat. Sometimes, however, just planning a relaxing break can prove a challenge in itself. Those with Parkinson’s probably know that more than most.

Parkinson’s disease: the basics

A progressive brain disease caused by a loss of nerve cells, Parkinson’s is a condition for which there is no cure. Symptoms include tremors and shakiness, a slowing of movement and muscle rigidity. It can be debilitating to those with it and lead to related complications, such as loss of balance, nerve pain and even mental health issues.

Though slightly more widespread in men over 50, it’s not uncommon for the symptoms to develop earlier. Parkinson’s can’t be cured but there are treatments and methods of coping with the illness to continue enjoying life. World Parkinson’s Day on 11th April is all about promoting awareness of the disease and illustrating how a little more public knowledge can do a lot for those living with the condition.

The disease, the day, the activities

Using the hashtag #UniteForParkinsons, the worldwide community of Parkinson’s support groups is coming together to spread awareness, encouraging those living with the condition to share their stories to create better understanding.

Meanwhile Parkinson’s UK is inviting people of all ages and experiences to flood social media and living spaces with testimonials, videos, badges, hats, posters and anything in-between. It’s about getting the word out about what it is to live with the disease; spreading the message that a diagnosis of Parkinson’s doesn’t have to mean giving up pastimes and interests or putting away those dancing shoes.

Save us a spot by the pool?

Planning a holiday, perhaps ironically, can raise stress levels in lots of people. With Parkinson’s disease a trip away requires a touch more planning and foresight, but it’s no reason not to pack the bags and enjoy a week or two away.

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