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Simple safety measures to protect against malaria

Simple safety measures to protect against malaria

Do you know all you should about malaria? World First Travel Insurance is here to help you arm yourself with a little knowledge before you next pack your bags. 

Enjoy lunch on Pescherie Vecchie street near the famous italian food markets and shops in the center of old town Bologna.

Ancient cities of Europe that lie off the beaten track

Think of ancient Europe. Admit it. You’re thinking of Athens and Rome, aren’t you? No doubt they’re fabulous cities. But if you want to avoid the tourists, selfie sticks and wild prices, they may not be your best bet. So …

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Living with an allergy isn’t always easy. While others can go through life without having to worry about whether a particular allergen is in their meal or if those are cat hairs on their clothes, some aren’t so lucky. Like anything however you learn to live with it and - with holidays - being prepared is key. Here are six tips for travelling with allergies.

6 tips for travelling with allergies

There are one or two extra things to think about when you go on holiday as an allergy sufferer. Here are six tips to make sure your trip is the happy and relaxing break you have been hoping for.