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Survey results: What gadgets do you take on holiday?

The modern world is full of weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmos. But which are you most likely to take on holiday? We asked 1,373 travel-lovers that very question - and here’s what we found out. 

Advice for travellers affected by Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has hit land and is causing widespread disruption across the Caribbean and beyond. Here’s the latest advice for travellers affected by the storm. 

Where do you go for the best travel advice?

Survey results: Where do you go for the best travel advice?

You know what they say. Knowledge is power. A little research goes a long way when it comes to choosing your next holiday destination. But where’s the best place to go for travel advice? Here’s what our readers told us. 

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The £370 million reason why travel insurance is essential

The £370 million reason why travel insurance is essential Do travel insurers pay out? How often do British travellers need to claim on their travel insurance policies? Jaw-dropping data from the Association of British Insurers proves that travel insurance is …

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A heart attack in the USA would dent your savings to the tune of around £4,000. We offer reliable travel insurance with cover for up to £10,000,000 medical expenses.

Why EVERYONE (even you) needs medical cover in their travel insurance

You have a clean bill of health. You’re active. Why do you need medical cover in your travel insurance? The answers may surprise you...

cancer travel insurance

Customer review: cancer travel insurance can be low cost as well as high quality

It’s been in the news a lot. Many travel insurers are charging cancer patients a fortune for a policy. We are not one of them - and can provide cancer travel insurance at a price that’s fair. Just ask the …

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Vote for your favourites for a chance to win £1,000

You’re probably more familiar with the X Factor than the Insurance Choice Awards. Don’t worry. Your say is just as important - and you could bag yourself £1,000 just for voting. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Leiomyosarcoma Cancer

July: Leiomyosarcoma Cancer Awareness Month

Leiomyosarcoma cancer: it’s an uncommon disease. And as such it needs more awareness than ever this July. Here's how we're helping.

5 top things to do in Toronto

5 top things to do in Toronto More than just maple syrup and moose, Canada is a hugely popular and diverse country. As Canada Day approaches ever-nearer (1st July, in case you were wondering), we look at one of the …

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Erb's palsy is a birth injury covered by World First insurance that results in damage to an infant's brachial plexus – a system of nerves in the shoulder and upper arm.

You should know about Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week

You should know about Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week Chances are you don’t know about Erb’s palsy. (If you do, you should probably still read this article.) Here to change that and highlight why all expectant parents should be aware is …

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