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Do I have to get the right travel insurance cover?

Get the right cover! Walking Spain’s most spectacular hike.

How are you with heights? Good? Then you might like to test them on what is often described as Spain’s most spectacular walk, the Cares Gorge in the Picos de Europa, the impressive limestone mountain range that’s close to the …

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tips for buying a property abroad

Thinking of buying property abroad? Here are some tips.

Whether it’s a second home somewhere sunny or you’re relocating to start a brand new life in foreign climes, there’s a lot to think about when you’re buying property abroad. Here’s some advice. 

how to reduce your risk from terrorism

How to reduce your risk from terrorism while on holiday

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has released guidelines to help British travellers stay safe from - and take action against - the risk of terrorism while on holiday. Here’s a summary of what you should know. 

Travel with mental health needs - depression

Holiday tips for travellers with mental health needs

Anyone can get stressed or nervous when it comes to preparing for a holiday. But when you are living with mental health needs, there are a few extra things to consider to help make sure your trip is the relaxing, …

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Virtual reality to the rescue of high street travel agents

Time was that, for most people, booking a holiday meant taking a trip to a travel agent. Then along came the www to change all that. And yet the latest tech innovation to hit the travel sector - virtual reality …

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Where to go for sun in October

Sure, there’s something kind of romantic about crunching those crispy fallen leaves. And Halloween can be all kinds of ghoulish fun. But the arrival of autumn is awful news if you like your weather served warm and sunny. Luckily if …

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How often do we really go on holiday?

How often do we really go on holiday?

Two things we Brits hate to be without: a cup of tea and regular travel. Jetting off somewhere special is a British obsession. But how often do we really go on holiday - and how much time do we spend …

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monarch advice

Monarch collapse: Advice for customers

Monarch collapse: Advice for customers Here’s a summary of advice for all customers affected by the collapse of Monarch. 

Can you guess the most popular way to travel while on holiday?

Can you guess the most popular way to travel while on holiday?

Can you guess the most popular way to travel while on holiday? Round round get around, you get around. But what’s your favourite way to get from place to place while you’re on holiday? We asked you, here’s what you …

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gadget travel insurance

Survey results: What gadgets do you take on holiday?

The modern world is full of weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmos. But which are you most likely to take on holiday? We asked 1,373 travel-lovers that very question - and here’s what we found out.