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Travelling with a medical condition? Be prepared for delays.

Travelling with a medical condition? Be prepared for delays.

Travelling with a medical condition? Be prepared for delays.

If there’s one thing that the recent bad weather and Spanish air traffic strikes have proven, it’s that you can never be absolutely sure that you’ll get there – or back again – when you think you will. And let’s not forget the volcanic ash problems earlier this year. The fact is that if you are travelling with a medical condition, you might need a little more than a toothbrush and spare undies to take to the airport.

If you are travelling with a medical condition and have purchased medical travel insurance then World First recommend that travelling with the medication you plan to use and some extra in case of delays and disasters. Whilst it may not be your fault if you were delayed it is still your responsibility to make sure you have plenty of supplies so you don’t end up creating a medical emergency through a lack of medication. In some instances, especially if you face long delays or are worried about losing your luggage, it could be worth taking twice as much as your normally need and splitting in between your hand luggage and suitcase. 

We often get calls from people who are at the airport, have been delayed returning home, and are running out of medication. A bit of planning and some extra supplies could save a whole heap of hassle as it is very hard for a travel insurance firm (or anyone else for that matter) to get medication to somebody on the other side of the world. We can organize consultations with doctors so prescriptions can be obtained, but also remember that it might not be possible to get your medication whilst abroad as easily as it is when you are in the UK. This is especially the case for people who take HIV medications and have bought HIV Travel Insurance from us.

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