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World First travel insuranceNo tax increases for World First travel insurance customers.

Yesterday, 4th January 2011, VAT went up from 17.5% to 20%. It means that everything, from petrol to pyjamas, will become just that little bit more expensive. The same goes for Insurance Premium Tax, in case you hadn’t heard. Like VAT it has gone up from 17.5% to 20% for holiday and travel insurance premiums, which will be a blow to people hoping for a little low cost sunshine or snow this spring.

But not for World First Travel Insurance customers. World First have announced that they are waiving the increase and passing the savings back to you until the end of January. So that means you'll get the same great value cover at last year's prices but without having to compromise your trip away by travelling with inadequte or no travel insurance cover.

Of course if you’ve yet to plan your trip away you can still benefit by taking the opportunity to buy cheap annual travel insurance that will cover you fro the next 12 months. If you take more than one trip abroad this year it could end up saving you a small fortune. And let’s not forget about the savings you could make if you suffer from a medical condition and require medical travel insurance. World First cover thousands of conditions and offer screening online for people up to the age of 100.

So why wait? Beat the Taxman with World First.

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