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How much would a winter sports injury cost you?

How much would a winter sports injury cost you?

Bumps and bruises are part and parcel of a winter sports holiday. But sometimes a slip on the slopes can cause a more serious injury. Here’s a breakdown of how much it typically costs in Europe and North America to treat the most common ski injuries, based on our claims history.


The following figures are based on claims made in Europe only. Costs are approximate and fluctuate depending on the severity of each injury.

Sprained wrist and dislocated shoulder:

To be taken off the slope £200
Ambulance to clinic £200
Clinic bills (x-rays etc) £400-£600
Surgery (if required) £1,000

TOTAL: £800-1,000 (up to £2,000 with surgery)

Broken leg:

To be taken off the slope (wagon or helicopter) £200-£500
Ambulance to clinic £200
Clinic bills (x-rays, cast and possible overnight stay) £2,500
Surgery (if required) £1,000
To get home (two extra seats required on flight home) £400

TOTAL: £3,300 - £4,600

Back injury (minor)

To be taken off the slope £200-£500
Ambulance to clinic £200
Clinic bills (x-rays etc) £2,500
To get home* £3,000

TOTAL: £5,900

* Includes escort (required) and nine seats to facilitate repatriation

Head injury        

Helicopter off slope to hospital £500
Intensive care (7 days) £20,000
One week recovery and escort home £10,000

TOTAL: £30,500

Medical care in Bulgaria

Bulgaria needs a special mention. Medical care is not as sophisticated as the rest of Europe and you will be sent home by air ambulance following an accident as they would not want to treat you there. This can cost in the region of £30,000.

North America

Medical costs in the USA and Canada are considerably more than those in Europe. It’s safe to say you can double the costs above. Repatriation costs are also much higher because of the lengthy transatlantic flight.

What if you’re responsible for injuring someone else?

If you injure someone by crashing in to them on the slopes, you could be sued for personal liability. This is commonplace in North America and increasingly common across Europe. This can result in hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of costs. No one needs that.

Winter sports cover with World First

Our winter sports travel insurance covers you for up to £5 million worth of medical costs. You also get £2 million worth of personal liability cover. We’ll cover your ski/snowboard gear too and compensate you if the slopes are closed due to bad weather. Add in the practical things like cancellation cover and protection for the loss or theft of baggage, cash and travel documents and you’ve got a winter sports policy that gives you the cover to enjoy your alpine adventure in confidence. Just the way it should be.

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