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Taking your holiday health cover to the next level…

Taking your holiday health cover to the next level…

We’ve changed a few things here at World First. The most important of which is offering different levels of travel insurance cover for medical expenses, cancellation and luggage  for different types of

traveller. It makes sense doesn’t it? After all, everyone travels differently these days and everyone needs something different from their travel insurance. So if you need to be reassured by £10 million of medical expenses cover or worry about losing your medication, we’ve got something to suit…

Getting the right deal from your medical travel insurance

In previous posts we’ve written a fair amount about getting travel insurance with a pre existing medical condition. We’ve written about how we can cover thousands of conditions, how we provide travel insurance for cancer patients, how we can provide crohns travel insurance and medical cover for lots of other conditions including high blood pressure and even heart problems. I think we may have even mentioned how we were the first ever insurers to be able to offer travel insurance for HIV. And it goes without saying that we would have harped on about our senior travel insurance for people up to the age of 100.

Our cover, with all its benefits, has enabled thousands of people to travel, fully insured, when previously they had been unable to. However, one thing we’ve not been able to offer is choice. And by that we mean the ability to pick and choose the type of policy you take out, what levels of benefit that policy has and, most importantly, the level of medical expenses cover it will give you.

That is, until now.

The change at World First have enabled us to move to a different quoting system, with a new underwriter and the opportunity to offer a whole range of different policies, including a Cruise travel insurance policy and three levels of cover on our Single and Annual Multi Trip policies. We can also offer a Wedding package for people looking to get hitched abroad and even a Last Minute package for people who like to book late. In order to implement the new online offering, we were unable to offer cover online for a while, so we are sorry if that inconvenienced any of you. We realise it may have been frustrating.

However, it’s all back up and running now. And here’s what our new policies offer:

The Superior policy – leaving no stone unturned

Our Superior policy offers the ultimate cover and includes medical expenses up to £10 million, cancellation cover up to £5000 in case someone in your party falls ill and can’t travel, up to £5000 if you have to cut short your trip and even £500 of emergency dental treatment. It also includes a lot of other benefits such as a generous hospital allowance and cover in case you need to replace any vital medication. In short, it’s got everything – and includes plenty of other benefits too – such as cover for your jewellery, glasses and even your gadgets.

So if you are the type of traveller who likes to know it’s all covered, this is the one for you! Like all our policies, it’s available for single trips or as annual cover.

The Standard policy – comprehensively complete

This one is for people who want the reassurance of £3000 of cancellation cover and curtailment cover if they fall ill but don’t feel the need to bump up the medical expenses. Having said that, the Standard policy still offers £5 million worth of medical expenses cover, which is the maximum amount we used to be able offer as standard. Also included – as you’d expect – are all the usuals such as replacement of medication, loss of baggage and passport and also £1000 in case your airline goes into administration and you can’t get home. It happens.

All in all the Standard policy gives you everything you need but without the deluxe extras of the Superior policy.

The Economy Policy – money saving without cutting corners

Our most basic policy still gives you up to £1 million in medical expenses, £300 in case you lose vital medication and £500 each for cancellation and curtailment in case you fall ill and have to come home early or not travel at all. It also provides cover up to £1 million for personal liability and £50,000 worth of legal expenses - yet it will still save you money without having to compromise. Again it’s available for single trips or for annual cover if you travel a lot and prefer to do it on a shoestring.

Comparing the levels of cover

It’s easy to compare the levels of cover our policies can give you. Simply get a quote for your trip and you’ll be able to see immediately the cost of each of our policies. And it only takes a moment.

Compare quotes instantly online or call our customer service team on 0845 90 80 161.


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