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We are connected! Or so our survey says…

Technology is changing the way we travel

We are connected! Or so our survey says…

Earlier this year we completed our first ever travel insurance survey. 583 of you completed the online questionnaire about your travel insurance and holidaying habits.

One of the questions we wanted to know was how connected you are when you are away. We wondered how many of you take mobile phones, laptops, e readers and gadgets away with you when you travel. We also wondered if you stay connected when you are away or if you let your gadgets interrupt your holidays.

Firstly, of those who responded, 62% of you are over 60, with a further 24% between 46 and 59. So that means that many of you belong to an older generation. Far from being a generation that has been left behind by technology, it has often been reported that this generation includes some of the highest email and internet users.

So how do you fare when it comes to holidays and gadgets?

Interestingly, whilst 80% of you confessed to NOT being able to live without laptops, smartphones, tablets or ereaders, 14 of the 120 who chose ‘other’ confessed to not being able to live without books on holiday. So in some ways we remain ‘old fashioned’!!

Living without the trappings

120 people chose our ‘other’ option to the question, ‘what gadgets can’t you live without on your holiday?’ Of those, 46 claimed to take nothing of the sort with them, preferring the simple life to being ‘connected’. In a lot of ways it’s reassuring that some of us still prefer to be truly ‘alone’ on holiday. Perhaps these are the people who are most relaxed? They certainly can’t be of the 74% of respondents who sometimes or always stay in touch with relatives, friends or social media during their holidays.

Gadgets? What gadgets?!

As we said, just under 8% of respondents claimed to take no gadgets with them when they are away. But this depends on what you call gadgets and what you can’t live without. One person can’t live without a bottle opener (fair enough) while another considers a ‘cold glass of beer’ to be essential. We wouldn't argue with that. Then again, would you class lipstick as being a gadget? Or even a wife? Unbelievably one respondent put this down. Perhaps he meant that he can’t live without her, in which case it’s very sweet. If he didn’t then perhaps we need a word!


We'll be releasing more of the results over the coming months so please look out for them! In the meantime, don't forget we offer gadget cover with our Superior Policy and can now offer year-round gadget cover for your electronic valuables.


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