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Don’t let your medical condition spoil your summer

Don’t let your medical condition spoil your summer


It’s not often we go snooping around. But with the summer holidays coming up fast and lots of people looking to get away, we thought it’d be interesting to do a little mystery shopping. We know – from what our customers tell us – that finding travel insurance to cover medical conditions can sometimes be a painful and expensive business. In some cases quotes have been so high that it has made travel impossible. In others companies have flatly refused to cover some conditions.

One recent reviewer on Trustpilot said “My wife and I are both aged 58 and in the recent past have been seriously ill with cancers (more than one) and a heart attack. Some Insurers have refused to insure us and others are extortionate. World First Travel was the first insurers that gave us worldwide cover for a very reasonable price.”

We’re happy that, for them, we were able to make it possible for them to travel knowing they had the back up of a good quality travel insurance product behind them. But what about others?

A quick search proves interesting…

We thought it would be interesting to do a quick mystery shop online to see if one of our team could get cover for a trip this summer. This member of the team, let’s call him John, has a condition called myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscles following a viral infection. He was diagnosed with it over a year ago and still takes medication to allow his heart to recover. It’s a condition that affects thousands of young, active people every day and can have serious consequences in the worst cases. Fortunately John’s version was mild and caused little lasting damage. John is an ex-smoker of 47 years old and, for the sake of this experiment, fancies a trip to Spain between the 10th and 26th of August. As john does actually have the condition he was able to answer all the medical screening questions on all the websites he visited honestly and fully - so it was as real as it could be and all websites received the same answers. He did the search on the 13th of June.

Quotes from a supermarket, the AA and a medical comparison site

John started by getting a quote from our online quote engine at World First. He opted for a Standard policy with £10m medical cover and chose to pay the excess waiver fee of £8.73. On top of the initial premium of £21.19 John we quoted John an additional premium of £16.54, bringing the total premium for the trip to £46.46. John then got quotes for similar policies with Sainsbury’s, The AA and through a medical travel insurance comparison site. He also tried The Post Office and ASDA, who were both unable to offer cover there and then over the internet, so they got the boot at stage 1.

The second cheapest premium offered to John was from The AA who came in at £68.49. Sainsbury’s quoted £152.60 while quotes from the comparison site ranged from £91.07 to £189.97. These were all from medical travel insurance specialists.

World First: £46.46


Sainsbury's: £152.60

Comparison site cheapest: £91.07

Comparison site dearest: £189.97

Try it for yourself

Of course this mystery shopping experience wasn’t particularly scientific or far-reaching. It looked at just one heart condition for one person for a single trip to Spain. But it may go a little way to explaining why so many of our customers say we save them money! They can’t all be making it up!

Why not try it for yourself? If you have had trouble getting a quote or cover for a medical condition, suffer from a permanent condition, have had treatment for a condition or have friends who have, it may well be worth your while taking five minutes out of your day to get a quote from us. It’s easy to do and there’s no obligation to buy when you’ve got your premium. Compare the cost with your normal travel insurance provider and see who comes out on top. We may just surprise you. Or we may not. Either way we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to offer you the same cover for less.




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