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World First Wander October 24th 2014

World First Travel Insurance

The World First Wander

We take our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging with our social media man Tristan Rothwell.

It’s been a great week for travel writers. I’ve been able to find a lot of really good quality writing on some really interesting blogs. So let’s dive in!

First up is another lovely post from Monica Stott, a full time blogger who writes as The Travel Hack. She has compiled a brilliant list of 101 truths about travel. As travel insurance specialists we have to agree with her wholeheartedly about points 23 and 24! That aside, it’s a great list and well worth a read.

So now you know the truth, all you have to do is decide where to go!

Dublin! It’s a really popular destination for us Brits. We go for the culture, family, people and, of course, to visit a few pubs.

But if you want to go for something entirely different then you have to read this next blog from A Luxury Travel Blog. It was written by Jackie De Burca and celebrates seven offbeat things to do when you are in the Fair City. So check out 7 quirky things to do in Dublin.

But if Dublin feels like it’s too close to home for you, try the other side of the world, namely Australia.

Girl Tweets World is the travel blog of award winning British writer Jayne Gorman. It is a veritable hive of travel information, so if Sydney, Australia is your idea of a perfect holiday destination then Jayne’s 10 things I love about Sydney (and a few things that bug me) is definitely worth a look.

I have followed Kash Bhattacharya’s Budget Traveller blog for quite a while now. Why wouldn’t I? Everyone likes to save a few pennies when they travel don’t they?  The latest post is about saving a few pennies or Groszeys in Krakow in Poland. It’s another cracking top ten and I love it.  10 budget tips for Krakow will save you a small fortune!

This next addition to our weekly wander – a blog from the popular A Lady in London - caught my eye due to its brilliant photography. Fancy trip to the Galapagos Islands? Read all about Lady in the Galapagos Islands and then go and book your ticket!

Now we’re off from one extreme to the other. To Las Vegas, in fact.  I enjoyed this blog because its writer Angie Silver writes about everywhere in Las Vegas that you can’t gamble, which is a relief. Sometimes unearthing the lesser well known aspects of a place can be really rewarding. Angie does it very well with gorgeous pictures of food fun and fabulousness in The silver spoon guide to Las Vegas. Hungry? You will be.

Finally, we’re finishing this Wander in Finland with Ed Rex, who is also known as @rexyedventures on Twitter.

Ed headed for Porvoo, which is just 30 miles from Finland’s Capital Helsinki. Not for you? Not a bit of it! Ed’s got  47 reasons why we should visit Porvoo. To be honest Ed had me at number 2.

Does that give you food for travel thought? I hope so.

Until next week


P.S. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of my blog selection this week, or let me know if you found a great travel blog you’d like to share. Just leave a comment. Thanks.

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