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The World First Wander – thoughts on destinations

Mauritius - world first wander

Chamarel in Mauritius: top natural destination

Welcome to another installment of the world first wander , our weekly look at the hottest travel writing and blogging from around the globe. As always its compiled by Tristan Rothwell  as he takes us on a whistle stop tour of the internet’s best travel writing.

This week it’s all about the destination.

What makes us choose one destination over another? Everyone has different needs and wants, of course, so what’s perfect for one person may be hell for another. Some people like solitude, peace and quiet, deserted beaches and warms seas and while others like culture, vibrant cities, museums and nightlife. Then again, there are some for whom nightlife is everything and the resort with the best clubs and DJs comes first. How about you?

isles of scilly

This is getting Scilly. Would you? Oh yes!

How much does the weather influence your decision?  If you like it mild, but not too hot then it may well pay to take a look at our first blog, which is about The Scilly Isles.  They are situated 28 miles south west of Cornwall  - you can see the islands on a clear day from Lands End – and has the mildest climate of any area in the UK. The Beaches are truly stunning.  And they are only enhanced by the work of Oriel Hicks, an artist living on the islands who takes workshops about making beach art. What a great idea! For people with a low boredom threshold it’s a perfect way to spend the day, as The Family Adventure Project show in their lovely post Scilly Art from Nature with Oriel Hicks.

A little further afield now, to Spain, a massively popular destination among World First customers and travellers and holidaymakers in general. IF you are thinking about going Balaeric or Iberian this summer then you might want to have a quick scan through some of the basics in our quick guide to travelling in Spain.

quick guide to travelling in Spain

Paella. Delicious, but it's only a regional speciality.

Next, if you think you know Spain, take a look at 49 things you didn’t know about Spain from Inside the Travel Lab. Which one will inspire you to book your next flight? 42 did it for me.

Moving even further afield we are now off to Xi’an, China,  with The Travel Hack. This latest post is a guest post from a presenter called Sophie. She lived in Xi’an  for just over a year and knows her stuff. As it shows in this post, An Insider’s Guide to Xi’an. 

Mauritius now. What does the name conjure up for you? Beautiful beaches? Blues skies? Of course, but there is more to this Island.  It’s a haven for stunning wildlife and was once home to the now extinct Dodo.  Despite the famous loss, there is still some amazing wildlife to see. Our next blog, from luxury travel company Original Travel, lay it all out for us in their latest guest post, Four must-see Mauritius nature spots.

Table Mountain Cape Town

Table Mountain. Cape Town's towering icon. A must-see.

If you aren’t the nature type then how about a trip to Africa’s most exciting city, Cape Town? It’s just a 6.5 hour flight away from Mauritius but might as well be further. Cape Town is one of our favourite cities because it is colourful, vibrant and is always buzzing. Also, it’s got a little of everything – beaches, city life and the magnificent Table Mountain.

Need any more persuading? Try this, from The Cosy Traveller . 10 reasons why we all need to visit South Africa may well give you the push you've been waiting for.

Well that’s it for this week’s wander. We’ve covered a lot of ground!

Until next week



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