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Welcome to another installment of the world First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging. This week we are taking a look at cruise travel. It seems to be a hot topic right now!

Cruise Travel

Cruise travel: who wouldn't want this? Just make sure you are properly insured!

Cruising has been enjoying somewhat of a golden age recently, with new ships, new destinations and new adventures being announced at every turn. Cruising is a great way to travel and see the world. You can go as far as you like, with every type of voyage available - from a no fly round Britain cruise to a scientific tour of discovery to the Antacrctic.

Before we start our journey it’s important to mention Cruise Travel Insurance. Cruise lines will insist that their passengers have appropriate travel insurance  for their medical conditions, including cover for medical expenses and repatriation. Getting ill at sea without proper travel insurance cover can be a very expensive business. So make sure you are covered. Your cruise line will no doubt offer cover through some kind of a partnership with an affiliate – but remember that you are not obliged to take it and that our Cruise policies may well work out a lot cheaper. Plus, if you have a difficult to insure condition they may not want to insure you without hiking up the premium.

Pull up the anchor, let’s set sail

First up let’s have a look at that perennial problem, what to pack and what not to pack for a cruise? One rule we employ is to pack, then take it all out an, remove half and pack again. But for cruising? Our first port of call has to be Cruise Critic, a site that’s packed  full of top tips for experienced and new cruisers alike. Their blog 5 things to pack for your first cruise is a great place to start. It’s also well worth reading the comments underneath the article to get some more top tips from experienced cruisers.

Cruise Travel

Packing for your cruise. Smart or casual? Or both?

I have followed Emma’s Travel Tales for quite some time. It’s a great travel blog packed full of tips and tales. This one, What not to pack for a cruise holiday, contains more useful advice, including a very important point about reading the dress code. This is something every cruiser should do. Not only will it ensure you don’t take piles of clothes you simply won’t need but it will also save you the embarrassment of turning up for dinner at the Captain’s Table in shorts and a tee shirt. There is a good article about dress codes over at Cruise Critic if you are unsure.

Cruise Miss is a dedicated cruise blog that’s always a good read. Danielle’s latest cruise adventure is aboard the Saga Sapphire Baltic Cruise which looks lovely. Have a read of Danielle’s first blog post about the boat and the journey so far. Also check out the New to cruising section of the blog. You’ll find some valuable information there.

Rhine River Village

Spoiled for choice. The Rhine or the Danube?

With so many destinations to choose from, making your final decision can be tricky, but with some help and advice from experienced cruise bloggers the decision making process may become a little easier. Another well respected cruise blogger, Cruise Maven, recently wrote a great blog post titled Choosing a Rhine,Main or Danube River Cruise. If you have ever considered exploring Europe’s great rivers this is the best place to start.

Gary Bembridge is a travel blogger I have followed for a long time. His Tips for Travellers is a brilliant blog and well worthy of your time. It is packed with info for cruisers both new and old. Gary’s most recent post is all about the dreaded Norovirus and his experience of it. Sadly mini epidemics do happen on cruise ships from time to time so it’s worth knowing about and what you can do to help stop it. Have a read of  Gary’s Norovirus : My Experience.

Norovirus is definitely one good reason to make sure you have good Cruise travel Insurance.

Also make sure you check out Gary’s Podcasts. They are a hive of information from destinations to general cruising tips to advice on particular cruise line operators.

If you are on Twitter a great place to ask questions is by using the hash tag  #cruisechat. There are plenty of people on hand to help. Twitter chat is a great resource if you are looking to get up to date information and answers quickly.

That just about rounds up this week’s World First Wander. We hope you have enjoyed sailing with us this week!


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