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The World First Wander: women travelling solo, Paris and the best apps

Welcome to our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel and travel writing from around the world. It’s a mixed bag this week looking at safe travel, travel style, Paris and the world's best travel apps.


Going solo? Make sure your destination is safe for female travellers before you go.

We insure a lot of female and solo women travellers here at World First, which goes to show that there are many thousands of you who aren’t afraid to travel alone or with female friends. Quite right! But, of course there will always be places where it’s unsafe or unwise to travel solo. Thankfully there are lots of female bloggers out there with lots of sound advice. So let’s crack on with a post from  Christy Woodrow who, along with Scott Calafiore, runs Ordinary Traveller, a blog fuelled by extreme wanderlust. They have written a great post entitled 10 safe destinations for female travellers. It starts in Wales and includes a great list of places where it’s safe for women to travel.

Staying with solo female travel now, with New York’s Jessie on a Journey, the travel blog that takes you beyond the guidebook,  the unofficial official solo female travel manifesto. So get inspired and get that solo journey booked!

Hands up who gets stressed when they travel? It seems like it’s all out to conspire against you: delayed flights, annoying fellow passengers, missed connections or just bad weather. Well, thanks to  As We Travel  we can now benefit fro0m the experience of one who knows how to let it all wash over you. If you feel your blood pressure rising have a read of 10 ways to stop stress when you travel. And relax.

Style next. Do you travel in style or go for the ‘well travelled look’? It might be tough to look your dapper best when you travel  (although World First Customers are always a stylish lot) so it’s handy to get some style tips from time to time. Enter Elle Croft, who’s blog ‘A Bird in the Hand’ offers a stylish guide to London and beyond. Elle has put together a great list of the 10 most stylish travellers to follow. Check them out and get some ideas.  We thought the name The Glamourai  was brilliant.

World First Wander

Get the inside track on travel in Paris - for less.

One of the world’s most stylish cities in the world is Paris. There is something ‘je ne sais quoi’ about the whole city.  If you have never been it’s a must. For a bit of help on how to “do Paris” whilst saving a few pounds then it’s time to enlist the help of World First Wander regulars, Hand Luggage only. Check out How to organise a perfect weekend in Paris for less.

Staying in Paris now let’s turn to Kash Bhattacharya who is also known as Budget Traveller. We have followed his travel blog for a long time as it’s a brilliant resource to help save you a few pounds when travelling. Kash has put together 10 free apps for planning the perfect trip to Paris to help you in your Parisian adventures.

Smartphone - woman hiker using smart phone app on travel hike living healthy active lifestyle by waterfall in Yosemite National Park, California, USA.

Let your phone show you the way with the best travel apps.

Travel Apps are amazing and have definitely changed the way we travel. How did we ever manage before technology? Answers on a postcard!

There are 1000’s of Apps to choose from that are both free and otherwise so it can be a minefield for those who don’t study the latest lists carefully. However, help is on hand! We have covered Paris so let’s cover travel in general with Timeout’s list of the world's 50 best travel apps, which has been  divided them up into easy to navigate sections.

There are some great apps there, of course. But for our take on the world’s best, check out our own post from the World First travel Blog, 14 of the world’s best travel apps and let your phone guide you on your next trip.

Until next week.

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