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The World First Wander: Notting Hill, fish festivals and travelling with tots

Welcome to another installment of the World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging. This week we’re looking at travelling, Notting hill carnival and a fish festival in Cornwall.

We start off this week with the youngsters. Quite a few of the team here at World First have babies and toddlers so we thought this first post might provide some handy to know information for them – and you, if you have kids yourselves. So if you have ever winced at the thought of packing for the little ones, this post from TotstoTravel is here to help! Check out their brilliant Complete packing list for baby and toddler holidays.

travelling with tots

After lunch? A snooze, of course.

Staying with the young travellers now, we’re moving on to breast feeding and travel. If you are going to be travelling with a baby and plan on breastfeeding then this next post from Caz and Craig from Y Travel Blog  might help you make some important planning decisions. They have put together a list for breastfeeding mums who are travelling with and without their little ones. If you’re nurturing your little ones, Tips for breastfeeding mums who travel will be a must-read for you.

DELHI INDIA - MARCH 26: Indian shop on March 26 2012 Delhi India. Small shops like this are the most common in poor region of Delhi. Tourists can see the color of India in them.

It's tempting, but where will you put it all?

Once you have done the packing, reached your destination, had your fun and frolics and are thinking about heading home, your thoughts might turn next to what souvenirs to bring back. Kim in the office collects fridge magnets so she’s always on the lookout for them. However, an element of self control is required when souvenir shopping to avoid coming home with the kitchen sink as well as a whole collection of other tat. Sorry, souvenirs. Have a read of the latest post from London-based travel blogger Heels in my backpack, who has written about the plight of the souvenir hunter in The self control required when buying souvenirs.

Talking of food festival, here’s a tip for the bank holiday if you are short of something to do. On Monday it’s the fabulous Newlyn Fish Festival. My brother, Martin Rothwell (World First’s MD) and I grew up near here and can highly recommend it as a day out.  Martin also recommends the Swordfish for a pint.

A short hop from Newlyn you’ll find The Isles of Scilly. Going there is like visiting another continent and most people are blown away by it. Cathy Winston from Mummy Travels was particularly taken with the journey itself when she went. Travel to the Isles of Scilly is the story of her trip.

Portobello Road sign in the street market at Notting Hill, Kensington, London, England, UK

Portobello Road is cool and hip and a great place to visit. And this weekend it sees London's biggest party.

August Bank Holiday see’s one of London’s biggest events, the Notting hill Carnival. If you are planning to go you may want to take along a guide in the form of Monica at The Travel Hack, who has posted Elle Croft’s blog  The Ultimate Guide to Notting Hill as precursor. Just remember that it’ll be rammed with partygoers this weekend. Not always a bad thing.

Travel sometimes doesn’t go the way we planned it. And we aren’t just talking about the need for travel insurance here.  From time to time you might land somewhere only to find that it just won’t click for you. A lot of people write the place off but some get that niggling feeling that they should have another go. Some palces need time to grow on you. It’s something that Brenna Holeman, who is from the Battered Suitcase Travel Blog, has experienced. She writes about it in our last post, Countries I need to give a second chance. An interesting read.

Until next week.

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