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The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week

Welcome to this week’s World First Wander, a collection of travel articles, blogs and inspiration that the World First travel insurance team have loved this week. It is, as always, compiled by our social media man Tristan Rothwell.

This week we are looking winter sun, Crohn’s disease and getting off the beaten track in Agadir.

Looking to escape the winter blues?

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Escape the winter blues in Abu Dhabi.



Are you fed up with the rain and cold already? Want to go somewhere warm? Help is at hand from Yaya and Lloyd over at Hand Luggage Only in our first blog. They have teamed up with Caroline from Silverstories Blog to give us some ideas of where to go to escape the damp this winter. From Dubai to Tanzania there are some inspired destination ideas in 5 Winter escapes from cold Europe.

A fairytale castle

From dream trips to fairytale palaces now, with one of our favourite travel bloggers, The Quirky Traveller. We have long been huge fans this blog from Zoë Dawes and can’t recommend it enough. If you love to travel then it really is one to follow.

Zoë recently travelled to Marienburg Castle in Lower Saxony and has written about it for all of us to enjoy. As it is the epitome of a fairytale castle she speculates whether or not Walt Disney visited or, at the very least, saw it in a dream, such is its classic design. Read all about it in The poignant story of Marienburg Castle, Germany.

Spice up your travel photography

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A few simple things can make a big difference to your travel photography

Whenever you visit a fairytale castle – or anywhere fantastic for that matter – it can be disappointing if your photos don’t do it justice. So all the more reason to have a read of our next blog from Elle Croft. A different view: travel photography tips will really help you to make more of your travel subjects. And it doesn’t matter whether you are using  an iphone or the latest top of the range digital SLR, the principles of good photography are the same.

Go for it!

Where other travellers fear to put their hands

This one from handsome backpacker Ed Rex made us smile this week. As some of you may know Ed is profoundly deaf and that’s what his latest blog post is all about. Ed has a way with words when it comes to telling a story, especially this one. Have a read of When my hearing went down the toilet in Vietnam.

Crohn’s: we can cover it

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Freedom from worry: travelling with good medical cover, even with a medical condition

Miss Barlow is a twentysomething traveller who has visited a lot of places. She’s also done it while living with Crohn’s disease, a difficult condition that affects the digestive tract. It is estimated that around 115,000 people are affected by Crohn’s, a lifelong condition that can flare up at any time. As with any medical condition the reality of travelling with it can be tough, but with a bit of help from people like Lizzy and blogs like Travelling with Crohn’s: the reality it needn’t be so daunting.

And don’t forget! We have been insuring Crohn’s disease for years as part of our specialised medical travel insurance. If you live with it – or any other chronic condition – and want to travel, get in touch.

Saving up to go travelling

For some of us this is the most difficult part of travelling. Saving comes easy to some while for others it’s near impossible putting pennies away for that sunny day. However, for those not encumbered by grandkids, school runs and life’s laundry, Global Galivanting has some great tips. Have a read of 10 simple ways to save money (without moving back in with your parents!) and then get on to the bank...


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