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The World First Wander: 9 travel blogs we loved this week

Welcome to the last World First Wander of 2015! As always it’s a compilation of our favourite travel blogs and articles from the last week or so, compiled, as always, by Tristan Rothwell. In case you didn’t get the gist of things by now, he scours the internet for the very best stuff so you don’t have to.

Christmas is a slightly quieter time of year for us here at World First. It’s the hiatus of calm before the bookings storm that New Year brings each year. January, as I am sure you can imagine, is the busiest time of the year for us so we’re glad of the chance to slow down a little in the run up to it...

9 travel blogs we loved this week

Dreaming of a white Christmas? You may have to go further than the Met Office in London...

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Aren’t we all? Unfortunately, in the UK it’s a rare event, even if all we need for it to be official is one flake of snow to land at any number of specified locations around the country. Mind you, that’s hardly enough to send us reaching for the snow poles. So for those of us who dream of proper, deep, powdery, white stuff at Christmas time, the only thing to do is to head for a snow resort. But which one? It can be a minefield deciding where to go for a ski holiday, however, with a little help from our first post this week you may be able to find the one that’s right for you! And if you don’t mind going to a place you’ve never heard of, read on and check out 10 great ski resorts you probably haven’t heard of.

Looking for snow? Try Scotland

If there’s anywhere that’s likely to have snow over Christmas it’s Scotland. Unlike our home county of Devon - where the warmest Christmas day ever was recorded back in 1920 -  Scotland does have a good chance of a few flakes. So if you don’t want to hit the slopes then how about A weekend in Edinburgh? Sounds just lovely…

All we want for Christmas is...

…to switch off! Mind you, it can be tricky, especially as we constantly monitor our social media channels for tweets from travellers in need of help. It’s a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week responsibility and we take it very seriously. Even so it’s nice to have the chance to unwind properly during a break. And if you’re the sort who needs a little help, this next post is for you. Check out How to switch off during the Christmas break.

Travelling with a baby

One of our friends jetted off to Florida last week for a Christmas break with her 6 month old son Harry. She went alone and will be meeting Dad later. For some that might be a scary proposition, but it’s not for well seasoned traveller, the Travel Hack, who travels regularly with gorgeous George. She’s written a post - Tips for flying long haul with a baby - that some mums (and dads) will appreciate if they are going to be flying with a new born for the first time this Christmas.

I’d rather be....

Surfing! Hitting the beach at Christmas used to be for the hardy few, but these days you can expect to find a few people in the line up even on Christmas day. Surfing is a fast growing sport and everyone wants to try it. If that includes you, then make 2016 the year you do. This next post has some great images (including one of one of our favourite Cornish beaches - Porthcurno – can you spot it?) as well as some good advice on making the most of your water time. Flighthub’s surfing guide for Canadians travelling abroad is well worth a read - even if you are not Canadian! The same rule apply to us Brits too!

When travel insurance comes in handy

Yes, we know we are bound to say that, but the truth is that when you travel things can go wrong. That’s when you need your travel insurance policy to get you out of trouble. And, as if you needed a little help to imagine a few going wrong scenarios, this next post highlights a few of the things that can go wrong when you travel. It might not be your usual glossy travel post but When travel goes wrong certainly tells it like it is.

Looking back at 2015

As we get to the end of the year it’s nice to look back at the previous year’s travel. It’s exactly what some of our favourite bloggers have been doing lately, starting with Rambling Man who posted his 2015: a year in walking, with a peek at adventures on the Wainright’s, the London Orbital Path and the Thames Path.

By the time Big Ben calls in the end of 2015 Vicky Flip Flop will have visited 23 countries this year! That’s quite an achievement! You can read all about her times in Japan, California and Israel in My 5 best adventures from 2015.

The last of our highlights of 2015 comes from Lauren at Never Ending Footsteps, who starts off her review of the year with a great photo of the same Cornish beach – Porthcurno - we talked about earlier. Check out the colour of the water in 15 travel highlights from 2015!

That’s it for this week. We hope it gave you a little travel inspiration for 2016.

Finally, it’s time to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at World First Travel Insurance.

Until 2016…

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