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Why September is the best month to hit the road

Why September is the best month to hit the road

September is here. For some it means going back to work, kids going back to school and resuming the daily grind. But at least you had a good summer, right? Good.

For those who remain unencumbered by school, work or other commitments, this is boom time. It's the time to get a wriggle on and get out there while the going’s good. September is one of the very best months of the year to travel, especially in Europe and even in the UK. If you are among the lucky few who get to travel once everyone else has gone home, then you’re in for a treat. Pack your bags now and make the most of end of season bargains, uncrowded beaches, warm weather and the collective sigh of relief felt across Europe as antsy August fizzles out into super September.

In the UK, September is the time that Westcountry locals celebrate having their country back. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go along and join the fun. In early September the sea in Cornwall is at its warmest it’ll be at any point in the year. In some places you might expect to feel the heat with the mercury hitting around 17 degrees . So if you want to skinny dip on deserted sands this autumn, head west my friend.

When it comes to eating out you’ll find it’s easier than ever at this time of the year too. It’s always going to pay to call and book ahead but places like Jamie Oliver's 15 Cornwall or Rick Stein’s in Padstow are more likely than ever to be able to squeeze you in for lunch or an early dinner. Never mind booking six weeks in advance like you have to in August.

It’s the same on the continent too. France is famous for its end of season departures, with some resorts becoming almost ghost towns come September the first. Again it’s great if you are travelling on a budget, at the last minute or like peace and quiet. You’ll get the beach to yourselves, you’ll probably get better customer service, the water’s warm and the sun is still hot, hot, hot. In Biarritz, for example, average September highs sit very nicely at around 24 degrees. That’s pretty much the same as July and August except it’s cheaper to get there and cheaper to stay.

So what are you waiting for?

September is THE month to travel. Just don’t go without a travel insurance policy from us.

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