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The World First Wander: the best in travel blogging

The World First Wander: the best in travel bloggingWelcome to another World First Wander, our regular look at the best in travel blogging from around the world. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.

Where are we going this week?

It’s a mixed bag in this week’s Wander. We travel to a few great places and pick up a few tips along the way from seasoned travellers like @familyonabikeand and @vagabondbaker. So let's get to it...

It definitely feels as if the seasons have changed in the last few days. Here at World First HQ we have seen a lot of people take out travel insurance for their winter holidays. So it seems fitting – even though the first snow falls are a way off – to begin with snow-capped peaks.

Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Looks like fun!

This Swiss spot looks absolutely amazing. Switzerland looks amazing. And yet how many of us have ever been? Well it’s time to change that. This next post from The Family Adventure Project may well inspire you. Check out the video of the coaster toboggan ride. It looks horrific and fun all at the same time. Swiss mountain fun in Les Diablerets – its devilishly good.

What to pack for a trip to the white stuff?

The best in travel blogging - What to pack for a trip to the white stuff?

Packing! It’s always a dilemma. Have I packed too much? Have I got enough? Shall I unpack it and start again? What about when you’ve got to pack for the kids too? We have all been there. So how about a little help?  Fortunately help is at hand from Tots to Travel with a post to make your travel packing a little easier: Family ski packing tips. Now where did those socks go?

What about packing for a campervan trip to Iceland

What about packing for a campervan trip to Iceland - The best in travel blogging

Iceland is a hot location at the moment. Well, not literally. But we’ve seen an upsurge in the number of posts this amazing Nordic country recently. Among the best are The World and Then Some with Iceland – thrilling adventure and stunning beauty and Ed Rex and Why Iceland is the most popular adventure destination right now.


One very cool way to see Iceland is to take a road trip. It’s a great way to see any country, but Iceland may well be a place where a nice cosy motorhome or camper is essential. For the full experience check out a series of posts from Wander the Map, who have been blogging extensively about a trip to Iceland in a rental camper. What a trip! Check out Wander The Map’s Iceland adventure.

One last wintry post before we head somewhere warmer…

Vagabond baker , the writer of our next post, is excited about “a whole winter under the northern lights”. OK so not exactly, but it sounds like a great adventure all the same. And even just one night would be a lifetime’s ambition for many of us. So to be able to lead expeditions to find and photograph the lights must be something else. What a trip! It’s now on our list.

Have a read of I’m moving to Sweden (Just for the winter) and stop yourself planning something similar…

Come in from the cold…

Let’s take a look at some of the other great stuff we have seen on the internet this week.

Germany is not normally somewhere you think of when it comes to the seaside, which is why this next post caught our eye. We love reading blogs that change the way we see things and this one certainly did. Who knew? Be surprised – in a good way – by 51 reasons to go to the seaside in Germany.

Brussels... more than just sprouts

Brussels... more than just sprouts World First Wander

Brussels has a lot more to offer than sprouts. In fact, this next post is guaranteed 100% Brussels sprout free, which is a relief. Instead we’ve got some beautiful shots of doughnuts, Mexican food and art. Who knew? Our next blogger, Very Hungry Explorer did, which is why she is perfectly qualified to write How to spend a day in Brussels.Yum!

Making time for travel

We finish off this week with an interesting, slightly travel related story but not in the usual travel sense. It’s about time travel! Yes. Anyway, it’s an interesting read from a really interesting website: A nonlinear history of time travel.  Thinking about it yourself? We are working on a policy to cover you. If all goes well it’ll be ready yesterday…

Until Next Week.




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2 Responses to The World First Wander: the best in travel blogging

  1. Victoria @The British says:

    Thanks so much for putting me in as a recommendation for Germany.

    Very honoured!

  2. wftristan says:

    Hi Victoria

    It was our pleasure to include you – We are enjoying following your blog

    We hope to see you in The World First Wander again soon

    Its going to be changing to a quarterly blog post after this week which will be bigger and much better

    Keep your eye out for it in early January


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