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5 Healthy things to do with kids this half term

Half term is nearly upon us! But do you struggle to find things to do that will get them out and active? You may not be alone! It can be tricky finding new things to do during the school holidays. Yet with research suggesting that one in three children are now overweight – it may well be the result of some kids spending as much as 52 hours a week watching tv, playing computer games or fiddling with their phones – there has never been a better time to get out, off the sofa and into something fun!

So here are a few ideas.  


5 Healthy things to do with kids this half term parkrun

Having started in Bushey Park in October 2004, parkrun has become something of an institution, seeing 1000s of people taking in a quick (or not so quick) 5k on an average Saturday morning. The format is really simple: register at get your barcode and find a run close to your hometown, then go and do it. It doesn’t matter if you are fast, slow of Mo Farah. It’s all about turning up and taking part.  If your kids are unsure about running the whole 5k then maybe look at the junior 2k Events.


5 Healthy things to do with kids this half term surfing

Surfing is such an amazing sport that the kids are guaranteed to love. We are lucky to have a plentiful supply of beaches in the UK – from Scotland to the East Coast, Wales and, of course, Cornwall and Devon here in the south west.

Surfing is healthy and addictive and half term is perfect. The water is still warm after summer and the beaches are less crowded. Find a surf school near you that’s Surfing GB affiliated.

Find your local surf school here.

Rock Climbing and Clip and Climb

5 Healthy things to do with kids this half term climbing and clip and climb

(No 46 on the list of things to do before you are 11 ¾)

We spotted an interesting quote from American writer and philosopher Elbert Hubbard who said once of climbers, “I have noticed that youngsters given to the climbing habit usually do something (with their lives) when they grow up.”

We are lucky here in Exeter as we have the brilliant Quay Climbing Centre, and there is also a Clip and Climb (they are all over the UK too). Kids love climbing walls and using them will give them a great workout without them even noticing! And if they love it then they can let it take them to all kinds of lifetime peaks….

50 Things to do before you are 11 ¾

5 Healthy things to do with kids this half term

We love this list for two reasons a) its brilliant fun and b) it’s going to teleport any adult instantly back to their youth. Included on the list are fun activities such as building dens and making grass trumpets. Who doesn’t remember that?

Kids love it too, and they can download an app from the National Trust to help them get started. Or you could print off the full list here.


5 Healthy things to do with kids this half term geocaching

Coming in at no 49 on the above list, geocaching is like a modern day version of letterboxing. It’s also a great way to get kids out in the wild with a treasure hunt that also involves using smart phones and a bit of walking. The best site we have found for it is To get started just sign up, download the app and see how many geocaches there are near you. Trust us, kids love it!

Ready to go? Fantastic. We hope this list will get you started on a fantastic half term.

We would love to hear what your children have been up to during their half term. Did you try any of our suggestions? How did the kids get on?

Have a great time!

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