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April: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. A diagnosis of the disease occurs every 15 minutes, with around 40,000 new diagnoses made each year. The good news? Early diagnosis makes for a very likely recovery. Around 90% of people caught in the first stage of the illness who are treated beat the disease. That’s the hugely positive statistic that Bowel Cancer UK is pushing this April for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Screening saves lives

One of the most important messages of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is the importance of screening; to encourage awareness and make sure people look for the symptoms to catch the disease in its early stages. Screenings are easy, free and can potentially save thousands of lives. Currently however, only a third of those who receive them are completing the test.

And it’s literally as easy as wiping your bum.

A screening is a remarkably effortless process. Just a cardboard stick and three toilet visits can determine whether or not you’re at risk. The procedure can also discover non-cancerous polyps early on, allowing you to get them treated before they’ve had the chance to develop further.

Register, test, detect

Registered with a GP? Great, that’s the hard work done. Everyone registered with their Doctor aged between 60-74 (50-74 in Scotland) should receive a free NHS bowel cancer screening test pack in the post every two years. It’s a simple, pain-free procedure that can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom - and it might just save your life.

Get involved

Bowel Cancer UK is promoting awareness this April with a series of events and activities designed to shine a light on bowel cancer. Fundraise for the charity by whipping up a wonder in your kitchen. Be a Star, Bake a Cake encourages you to don your apron and turn the oven up. Alternatively you can deliver or display leaflets and posters to get the word out. And there are workshops and talks too. Just head to Bowel Cancer UK’s website for more info.

Taking a break from bowel cancer

Relief from the worries and treatment of bowel cancer is crucial. And that’s where the refreshing lift of a holiday break can work wonders. Leisure time is an essential part of living with, or healing from, the disease. But arranging travel insurance with a history of bowel cancer is tricky - and can be prohibitively expensive. Not declaring your condition invalidates your policy, so that’s a serious no-no too.

Here at World First we understand that good health and great holidays go hand in hand. We offer comprehensive bowel cancer travel insurance at a reasonable rate - both for people currently living with bowel cancer as well as those who have had it in the past. We can arrange cover swiftly and simply, leaving you more time to sort your sojourn for that well-deserved vacation. To see how we can help you if you’re looking to travel, simply visit our website for more information.

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