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You know what they say. Variety is the spice of life. That’s why we have compiled a curious compendium of the most outlandish, unusual and downright bizarre holiday pursuits to try on your travels - safe in the knowledge that you’re covered by World First. 

Did you know? When you take out travel insurance with World First, you are automatically covered for over 70 sports and activities - free of charge! And there are hundreds of additional activities that we can cover for a small extra fee on your premium. Just ask.

So what will it be? Find inspiration as we turn our heels on the humdrum and explore the weirder side of wonderful. Here’s our A to Z of peculiar holiday activities that you can get affordable cover for with World First.


It’s the latest sport to hit the winter slopes - and it’s seriously fun. Forget about tethering your tootsies to skis or a snowboard and instead get the thrill of the hill as you hurtle down headfirst on a massive inflatable sled. It’s marketed as a way to enjoy winter sports with less risk of the bumps, breaks and bruises. Stopping is as easy as rolling off your sled or using your arms to turn through ninety-degrees.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Aerobics, amateur athletics and archery.

Bob diving

You’re keen for an underwater adventure, but you don’t know how to dive (and if you’re honest, all those weird respirators and tanks freak you out a bit). That’s why you need to go into the big blue while ensconced safely inside a breathing observation bubble. Strange name, cool contraption. Think of it as your own personal underwater scooter, complete with a Perspex dome that covers your head and comes with the dual benefits of allowing you to breathe naturally and keeping your hair dry. Tenerife is currently the only place in Europe where you can try bob diving, but expect that to change soon. In you pop!

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Badminton, bamboo rafting, banana boating, baseball, basketball, billiards, bird watching, body boarding, boules, bridge swinging and bungee jumping.


As you can imagine, traversing a canyon is a little more demanding than your standard stroll to the supermarket. It’s an activity that encompasses hiking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming. Challenging? No doubt. But it’s also one of the most exhilarating and beautiful ways to grapple with Mother Nature.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Catamaran sailing, clay pigeon shooting, cricket, croquet, curling and cycling.

Dirt boarding

You love snowboarding. But what on Earth do you do when there’s no snow? Dirt boarding - also known as mountainboarding - is like a cross between snowboarding and off-road skateboarding: one board, four chunky tyres and a pair of bindings. What are you waiting for?

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Dancing, darts, disc golf and dragon boat racing.

Horse riding on holiday.


Swap two feet for four hoofs and canter around the countryside on horseback. Giddy up!


If you’ve ever been at the beach on holiday, looked out to sea and seen someone hovering in mid-air with jets of water shooting from their heels, don’t worry. Last night’s shellfish wasn’t hallucinogenic. What you’re seeing is flyboarding. Essentially you stand on a board connected to a hose. Water is forced along the hose under high pressure to the board, providing enough thrust for you to fly up to 49 feet into the air. Sounds fun? That’s because it is fun.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Fell running, fencing, fives, flag football and football.

Glacier walking

Glacier walking is an activity of breathtaking beauty. Crack out the crampons and trek along an icy abyss that formed thousands of years ago - where the crisp air is pin drop silent and the brilliant white landscape sparkles and startles in equal measure. If you’re hankering to release your inner explorer, few experiences can match it.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Golf.

Hydro zorbing

Imagine being inside a giant squidgy ball that bounces down a hill, with nothing but a few inches of water for company. This is hydro zorbing, which is kind of similar to being on a particularly wet rollercoaster. It’s safe, it’s sloshy and it’s incredibly fun. Although probably not immediately after a big lunch.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Highland games, horse riding and hot air ballooning.

Ice diving

It takes some serious mettle to dive into an ice-covered stretch of water through a three-foot wide hole that just been cut into the ice with a chainsaw. Yet thanks to the heightened safety protocols, ice diving is becoming more popular with those already familiar with aquatic adventure. The brave will be rewarded with an astonishing, almost otherworldly landscape - akin to being in an aquatic (and very cold) ice cave. The stillness of the water means excellent visibility, adding to the filmic beauty of the world beneath the ice.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Indoor skating.

Jet boating

You’ve heard of jet skiing, now take that up to the next logical level. Strap yourself in to a boat that slaloms across rivers and snakes through whisper-narrow ravines at hair-raising speeds. It’s big in New Zealand. And seeing as that’s the adventure capital of the world, it should tell you all you need to know.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Jet boating and jet skiing.


It sounds like the name of a loft insulation product. Or perhaps an alien language - “Sorry, I don’t speak Kloofing”. But it’s actually an adventure activity that involves getting very wet while descending ravines. Your standard kloofing trip - if there is such a thing - normally combines hiking with the descent of a steep watercourse. High jumps into pools are also frequently involved. So, do you fancy becoming a kloofer?

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Kiting and korfball.


Weird name, simple definition. Langlauf is basically the name for cross-country running. On snow. And skis.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Laser tag and low ropes.

Motorised buggying

Go karting is all well and good. But what if you want something with a bit more oomph? Suitable for all kinds of challenging terrain - including sand dunes - motorised buggies are speedy, sharp on the turn and capable of injecting your holiday with the adrenaline rush you’ve been craving.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Marathon running, model flying, model sports and mountain biking.

Nothing to see here...

If you can think of an extraordinary holiday activity beginning with N, let us know and we’ll try to cover you.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Netball.


You mean you don’t know what octopush is? Think: underwater hockey. It’s played in a swimming pool where players breathe through snorkels on the top of the water before diving down to do battle with their opponents. Players wear a mask, snorkel, fins and water polo hat and hold a small stick. The idea of the game is to use the stick to push a 1.2 kilo puck into the opposing team's goal, which is a three-metre tray at the opposing end of a 25-metre pool.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Orienteering.


Hanging out inside wild cave systems, writhing and wriggling and squeezing and squirming from one area to the next, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But potholing can reward you with otherworldly views of geological masterpieces that few people get to see.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Petanque, peteca, pony trekking and pool.

There are a plenty of choices with a World First policy.

Quad biking

Getting the bus is all well and good. But taking a quad bike hither and yon across an unfamiliar foreign landscape is way more exhilarating. Vroom, vroom!

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Quoits

Rap running

And you thought it wasn’t possible to run down the sheer face of a cliff? Think again. Rap running is similar to abseiling, except you are facing down as you descend to the ground. Running is encouraged, if you’re brave enough.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Rackets, racquet ball, rifle range, ringos, river punting, rounders and rowing.


How do you surf without any water? Just ask one of the few highly experienced skydivers who have tried it. It may look like skydiving with a small board (about one metre in length) strapped to your feet, but there’s way more to skysurfing than that. The simplest skysurfing technique is to stand upright on the board during freefall and tilt the nose of the board down to generate forward movement, but even this requires considerable practice. The extra drag of the board makes it incredibly hard to balance and maintain control of the freefall. The very best skysurfers perform dizzying aerobatics such as loops, rolls and spins. Yet the fact that constant spinning at high speeds can cause the diver’s blood to pool at the end of their limbs renders many stunts painful. Rather you than us!

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Sailing, scuba diving (not solo), segwaying, snorkelling, softball, squash, stoolball and swimming (in a pool).

Tree top canopy walking

You loved climbing trees as a child. This is your chance to walk through them and above them while getting up close and personal with Mother Nature. As you can imagine, the views that stretch out before you from above a frondescent expanse are stunning. Make like the birds and get up there.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Table tennis, ten pin bowling, tennis, theme parks, trekking, tubing and tug of war.

Unicycle riding

Why bother with two wheels when one will do just fine? Assuming you have the impeccable balancing skills, of course...

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Unicycle riding.

Via ferrata

Via ferrata is all about making it easier to explore stunning mountain terrain. Think of it as a cross between hiking and rock-climbing (though for the beginners’ routes you don’t need any previous rock-climbing experience). You work your way along epic alpine routes using a series of ladders, steps, bridges and a fixed cable that’s pinned into the mountain.

>> A quick introduction to via ferrata (and why you may love it)

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Volleyball.

Wicker basket tobogganing

Yep, it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. Climb on board a two-seater wicker toboggan that sits on wooden runners and sit back as two blokes push you along winding streets using the soles of their boots as brakes. You will reach speeds of around 50 km/h. It’s a big thing in Madeira, where it started in 1850 as quick way to make the 2km descent from Monte to Funchal. In you get!

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Water parks.


Nope, we can’t think of anything either. If you can, let us know and we’ll try to cover it.

Yachting (off-shore)

Perfect for a sunny day in the Med, racing across the waves in a swanky yacht is seriously fun. Just ask Duran Duran.

Activities automatically covered by World First policies: Yachting (in-shore) and yoga.

Zip trekking

Forest fun doesn’t get much better than soaring above the canopy on a zip-line. And when there’s a whole network of them carving through the trees? Well, it’s the ultimate way to trek without getting tired!

Don’t go without us!

Trying something new is a great way to make memories on holiday. And as you can see from the huge range of activities we cover, we won’t hold you back when it comes to your next adventure. With low premiums for oodles of exhilarating activities (and over 70 activities covered for free and automatically included in your policy), you can get the pulse racing safe in the knowledge that you’re covered by comprehensive travel insurance should something unexpected happen or your gear gets damaged. Just let us know what you're up to and we'll arrange your cover. And as you’d expect, your policy comes with all the regular travel insurance benefits too - such as cancellation cover, medical cover and cover for the loss or theft of your valuables. Try us!

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