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He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. Armed with such celestial powers, Santa presumably has a trick or two up his sleeve for dodging travel troubles. The thing is, travel can be unpredictable - especially when you have to race around the world in one night. So how much would Santa’s travel insurance policy cost with World First? 

Trip cancellation?

Cancel Christmas? No thanks! Sure, we can offer up to £10,000 cover for trip cancellation. But no way are we going to be known as the travel insurer that covered Santa to cancel Christmas. We want Santa shouting ho, ho, ho, rather than no, no, no. Next!

Loss of valuables

We’re travel insurers, not engineers. We don’t know how fast Santa has to fly from one town to another come Christmas Eve, but he must pick up some eye-popping speeds. In fact as as The Beach Boys accurately detailed in Little Saint Nick, Santa’s "got to wear his goggles because the snow really flies". But what happens if Santa drops his goggles mid-flight while double-checking his lists of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? We’ve got him covered, with up to £250 cover for the loss of eyewear.

Loss of baggage

When your sleigh is fit to pop with presents, it’s easy to miss a sack or two going overboard. No matter. Because we provide up to £3,000 of baggage cover, including cover for perfume, bags, jewellery, watches and electrical items. Phew.

Personal liability

Have you ever tried to land a sleigh on a snowy roof? Santa being Santa knows all about elf and safety (sorry). But even he can’t stop a couple of loose roof tiles plummeting down to the street below and smashing the windscreen of a parked car. Luckily he has £2 million personal liability cover, so he can carry on his special night with the peace of mind that nobody’s going to be left out of pocket.

Medical expenses

We all know Santa is prone to getting stuck up the chimney. To be fair, all that cake and whisky doesn’t help. He does it again - and this time he needs the help of the emergency services to haul himself free. A check-up at the local hospital reveals a subluxated rib. No problem for a tough guy like Santa. But the bill for the x-ray and painkillers is expensive in foreign climes. Santa has no need to worry: he has cover for up to £10 million worth of medical expenses. Onwards.

Volcanic ash cloud cover

A bag of coal for boys on the naughty list? Fair enough. But it’s not okay for everyone else’s presents to be covered in ash that’s been spewed from the centre of the Earth. Our policies include optional cover for up to £7,500 worth of costs associated with volcanic ash.

Let’s ring it up...

Santa needs a worldwide policy, for one night only. He needs cover for his possessions and his baggage (there’s a lot) as well as personal liability cover, cover for medical expenses and something to fall back on in case he has the misfortune of soaring over an erupting volcano. By our calculations, we can provide the cover he needs for...£37.85. Seems pretty reasonable, don’t you think? And because we want to cement our place in Santa’s good books, we’ll even offer him a freebie.

Santa! Are you listening?


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  1. John Clark says:

    I enjoyed reading this about Santa…it comes with a serious message! ….get insured if you are going to travel

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